Safari of a Different Kind

Safaris are nothing new as I’ve been fortunate to experience them in Africa, but one in Maine? Well, that’s a different story. There would be no lions, zebras or elephants. No, this time it’s a moose safari!

Blair Hill Inn

We’d gone north to Greenville in the Moosehead Lake Region. As before we stayed at the Blair Hill Inn, a lovely B&B in this rural part of Maine.

What we like there are the panoramic views of Moosehead Lake. This time of year it is often veiled in morning fog which changes minute by minute.

In the evening, sunsets are equally dramatic as they hover over the lake before receding behind the nearby mountains.

OK, getting back to the safari. Now, Maine is said to have a large population of moose, but in 28 years I’ve seen exactly one so a moose safari sounded full of promise. A guide picked us up mid afternoon in his pickup and off we went full of expectation.

He said we had some time before moose were likely to make their appearance and suggested we use it to visit the B-52 Memorial. It memorializes the 1963 crash of a B-52 on a routine training mission. It crashed deep in the forest near Greenville in the dead of winter and few of the crew survived.

As one wanders the woods where wreckage remains litter the ground and hang from trees, the tragedy of the event becomes very real.

Back on the road, we spy no moose but a couple of signs got my attention.

This one made me laugh out loud, and judging from the looks of things it said it right!

After what seemed like miles on a logging road, the guide stopped for a look see. In a few minutes, he beckoned us to follow being sure to keep very quiet as moose have keen hearing and are easily spooked by sound, particularly female voices. There in the distance was a big buck and a female. When I say distance, I mean very far away which made it difficult to get a decent photo.

Back in the truck we continued on. Minutes later and close to the road were a female and her two babies.

She knew we were there and moved a few feet away from the young ones as if to let us know not to come any closer. It didn’t take much to heed the warning as a moose is a large animal. This one likely weighed in excess of 1200 pounds.

By now it was getting pretty dark, so we headed back to the inn. While I wasn’t overwhelmed by the adventure and disappointed not to get a great photo, I guess seeing a few moose was better than not spotting any.

On top of not getting the perfect photo, I somehow lost what few I had so I am grateful to the hubby for sharing.

6 thoughts on “Safari of a Different Kind

  1. I like this kind of a safari. Cracking up about that sign. It’s always fun to spot a moose!

  2. Your photos of Moosehead Lake are gorgeous, but oh, my, you had me with those pictures of moose! I’ve looked each time we’ve visited Maine, but to no avail, for sightings of moose. Thanks for posting. It’s good to know someone has seen them!

  3. Looks like a fun adventure to me. DNR


  4. You are way ahead of me in spotting moose. The only one I saw in the 20 years of being in New England was one that was at a rehabilitation center and it was behind a fence. I’m sure you enjoyed your getaway up north.

  5. So nice you were able to get away, enjoy a stay at a beautiful inn and have a nature adventure!

  6. The inn looks delightful and the morning fog and sunset images are beautiful. I have seen moose, and have been told they can be rather mean. Keeping distance is a good thing!

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