Everyday Tables

In the last seven months (has it really been that long?) dinners with friends have been few and far between. While we continue to be cautious, we are getting together with a few friends who, like us, have not experienced any illness. What a gift it is to begin the slow process of socializing!

You never know what influences a table setting. Here, it was the candles, purple and chartreuse. I couldn’t resist buying them and had no thought of how they would be used. I just liked the colors.

With the candles as the starting place, the rest was easy. A table runner I had woven some time ago had colors that repeated both the candles and those in late blooming flowers.

Though woven as napkins, they substituted as placemats that were a perfect backdrop for simple black plates. Each place had a napkin that repeated a color in the textiles.

You might say this is a table that created itself and took only minutes to do. It is simple yet there is much energy provided by color.

I had cut parsley to use as an embellishment for the food, and there was plenty left over. Putting a sprig in the napkin ring added that little something extra.

This time of year the sun has dropped lower in the sky, and the afternoon light made the table seem oh so festive. It feels so good to know that it will be shared with friends which adds a touch of normalcy to these otherwise unusual times.


Tablescape Thursday

7 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. You set a lovely table for the meal with your friends. It is good to be able to gather…

    1. Slowly we are trying to reconnect with friends who we’ve missed.

  2. Ditto to all of the above comments! A beautiful setting for, what I’m certain was, a scrumptious meal!

  3. Linda, the woven runner and napkins used as placemats are stunning. I love your use of color and texture!

    1. Thanks. As you know those elements are important to me.

  4. Your beautiful woven runner easily steals the show, and what a bright cheerful table!

  5. Your table runner is GORGEOUS!

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