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Like many of you, I’ve spent lots of time in the kitchen during these stay at home months, so an invitation to dinner is a welcome treat. Only recently have we begun to gather with friends with the group being no larger than six.

An evening here was a delight as everything about it was warm and cozy just like the folks who hosted. We arrived at their home just in time to see a somewhat smoky sun settle for the night.

Until it was too chill, we visited on the patio. The space was wonderful and it was easy to imagine delightful gatherings there. You’d have to know how rugged the terrain to appreciate the perfection of the stonework.

Inside, the table was set for six, and it was just the kind of table I like….warm and inviting. The carved fish was an eye catcher, but it didn’t get to stay once we sat down.

Table decor was simple and captured the essence of the new fall season.

I particularly liked how the colors in the arrangement were repeated in the dishes. Hmmm, I wonder if that was intentional or a happy accident. In either case, it worked!

It is wonderful to be venturing out a bit as nothing beats spending time with friends and sitting around a table long after the meal is finished sharing stories. That almost makes it possible to forget all the craziness existing in the world these days.


Tablescape Thursday

15 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Dinner in a lovely home with friends, it doesn’t get any better than that. 😊

  2. Lovely table! Lovely post! And a fun time with friends!

    1. Being with friends was the best part.

      1. Being with friends is always the best part! Especially wonderful friends like you!

  3. Beautiful patio and table. How fabulous to dine with friends!

    1. The patio turned me a little green with envy!

  4. Beautiful, how wonderful to have a nice dinner with friends!

    1. It was delightful to ear someone else’s cooking!

  5. Great colors. Great ideas for entertaining. Great fish in the middle of the table! I just love this post!

    1. I, too, liked the fish. Thanks for your very nice comment.

  6. I love it. Glad you had the invite.

  7. Lovely table. Very inviting.

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