Summer of 2020

Cool temperatures, changing leaves, fading gardens tell us in Maine that summer, an all too short season, is over replaced by the drama of fall.

Summer was different here as it was in so many other places. Early on I noticed there were fewer lobster boats operating from Rockport Harbor. Usually there are 13 to 15 going out on a daily basis. This year there’s half that number thanks to a reduced market and cost increases for bait and fuel. Much of Maine’s lobster exports to China, but existing trade restrictions and tariffs cut that market off.

A popular draw for tourists visiting the midcoast is a multi day schooner adventure. This summer those majestic vessels stayed under wraps as social distancing aboard was impossible. What a sad sight to see them anchored in Camden Harbor and even worse is the financial hardship imposed on those who are so dependent on summer business.

Speaking of boats, this was the summer of mega yachts on Penobscot Bay. Such large pleasure boats typically cruise more glamorous destinations, but with many of those having limited access, Penobscot Bay was an attractive alternative.

Though not a mega yacht, the hubby and I with family and friends enjoyed many outings on Pipe Dreams. Whether to an island or a close by town or to a favorite spot for an onboard picnic, having the boat was a wonderful diversion. And we could social distance!

It wouldn’t be summer in Maine without fog, and we did have our fair share in July. Day after day we woke to drizzly gray days that were not conducive to doing much other than reading or working on a jigsaw puzzle.

The good news is that when gray began clearing to blue, there would sometimes be a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky.

Of course, this was the summer of masks whether indoors or out.

People here took the guidelines for staying safe and healthy very seriously. Such precaution has been rewarded as Maine has low incidence of Covid 19.

Organized exercise had its challenges, but people found a way. Yankee ingenuity appears to solve many a problem!

Yes, the summer of 2020 will long be remembered as a most unusual time. Being in the category labeled elderly has made me realize that more of my life is behind me than ahead. I’ve missed time with family and friends, and I’ve especially missed hugs. Though there is regret about what is not happening, I feel incredibly grateful to be at this place in life without the concerns felt by so many. Now the trick is to stay healthy, make the most of every day and be responsive to the needs of others.

How about you? What are your take aways from the summer of 2020/?

12 thoughts on “Summer of 2020

  1. During one of my morning walks this summer, I met a friend and we stopped a good 15 feet from each other to talk a minute as we hadn’t seen each other in months. She said until covid, she didn’t realize how much of a huggy person she was. We both laughed because I felt the same way…I miss the hugs.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Linda. You had a good summer, Maine is so beautiful. It is heartbreaking for business that are struggling due to Covid. So many places have closed in our city.

  3. It’s sad to see so many businesses struggling or closing down. How nice that you could spend time in this beautiful part of our country during some of this time. Beautiful colors.

  4. Beautiful photos Linda, Maine is such a beautiful place, so glad you had such a good summer. My heart aches for the many people facing economic hardships due to Covid

    1. How are things with you after the storm?

      1. not good, our entire area got hit really hard, we had minimal damage to our house, but lost the pier and boats. Roof will need to be redone, long process…

  5. Hi Linda. This is Dawn Rigby, Cyncee and Ginger’s friend. I find it hard to believe that we have never met! I faithfully read your blog, and I have so enjoyed it for many, many years. I always share with my husband, Weldon, and often with Cyncee and Ginger, too.

    Tonight Weldon asked me to tell you how much he particularly enjoyed this most recent blog. But he also wanted you to know that he likes all that you post – pictures and stories.

    Because of COVID, we missed Maine this year for the first time in 15 years, and my heart yearns for all that we love about the beautiful state. I am so happy that you have enjoyed the summer at your pretty home even in these difficult times.

    Thank you for giving us delightful glimpses of Maine when we could not be there.


    1. Hello Dawn! How wonderful to hear from you, and I so appreciate your faithful following. We are happy to be in Maine as there is so much to detract from all that is going on in our country. Let’s hope that soon all the craziness will be behind us.

  6. Here in mid-coast Maine we are so blessed with a very low COVID rate. If only we mid-coat Mainers could persuade (by our words and actions) others that masks are not a political statement, . Masks are a health and safety issue. This is not a matter of legal rights, it is a matter of social responsibility – for our fellow Americans. Thank you , Linda, for shining a light on this critical issue!!!


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  7. Too BEAUTIFUL, Linda!!!

    Sue Porretto . . . Identify, Select, Manage & Develop Talent Provident Enterprises


  8. 🤗🤗🤗 I miss hugs also. Will it still be masks outdoors and indoors in October?

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