Pickleball’s My Game

During these very strange last six months, one thing has kept me from going stir crazy. That is pickleball.

What, you don’t know pickleball? It is a paddle game played with a whiffle ball. It strikes me as a combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong. The action is on a court similar to a tennis court only smaller. To give you an idea of size, two pickleball courts can be outlined on a single tennis court.

Now pickleball has been around since the 60’s I’m told, but not until recent years has it become a phenomenon. It is said to be the fastest growing sport in the US and is a game that can be played by young and old. Not too many sports appeal to such a broad age range.

I’ve played competitive sports for a very long time, and none have been as much fun as pickleball. Yes, it is competitive, but players laugh and have a great time while still trying to win. You can’t say that about every sport!

Part of the fun is getting to play with a number of people on any given day. The game is played to eleven points or however many it takes to win by two. When finished, players switch around. Typically, winners stay and play with a new partner and losers move to another court and switch partners. Of course, in tournament play partners typically stay together.

The real plus is that pickleball players are super nice people. With few exceptions they are courteous, friendly and supportive. Aren’t those qualities we admire in those whom we choose to be around?

If you haven’t tried pickleball, give it a go. It is an easy game to learn and one doesn’t have to be a great athlete to become proficient. Also, it’s good exercise. With those things going for it how can you lose!

10 thoughts on “Pickleball’s My Game

  1. Pickleball is our game too! Clay & I were adopted into the pickleball crowd at the YMCA when we first moved here. They taught up how to play and we’ve been a pickleball community of friends ever since!

    1. Pickleball players are incredibly nice people which makes the game a joy.

  2. I just heard during nursery duty at church this past Sunday from a Pickleball player that the game was created on Whidbey Island in Washington state. We have been toying with the idea of putting in a pickleball court where our pond used to be. We might not be able to justify the cost but it would be fun!

    1. Now wouldn’t having your own pickleball court be fun. You could enjoy with your children and grandchildren. Oh, the game is named after the founders dog.

  3. It’s very popular in retirement communities in Arizona. The bonus is that the seniors can play with the grandchildren when they come to visit!

    1. All ages being able to play is what makes the game so much fun.

  4. Linda, where are you playing? Sounds like so much fun. Especially in the winter months!

    1. MRC has a very active group and offers beginner clinics.

      1. Good to know. Thanks, Linda.

  5. Ahhh my sister fell in love with pickle ball last winter! Never played it personally 😊

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