Everyday Tables

When sunflowers raise their happy faces to the sky you know that summer is coming to an end in Maine.

Before they disappear you can be sure I gather a few for the table. Here they are mixed with yarrow and grasses collected on a walk and placed in simple vases. For fun, the vases are interspersed among ceramic plate covers for a lighthearted centerpiece.

Thanks to the coronavirus, we’ve had very few folks other than family gather at our table this summer. We are only four at the moment, and the sunflowers inspired a simple one with emphasis on yellow.

Using these salad plates, each one different, brought back a flood of memories. Some years ago a daughter and I were in Provence when an unexpected snow caused turmoil on the roadways. After sitting for prolonged minutes I spotted a faience studio and pulled off the road thinking it would be a good distraction. Of course, it was closed, but the artist saw us from his nearby home and opened up. We made it worth his while by purchasing these and several other pieces. Ah, the wonder of travel.

All set, the table wanted nothing more than the four of us to gather round and enjoy the privilege of being together.

As with most of our at home meals, dinner was simple. Using what was on hand, it was a tasty macaroni and cheese with chunks of leftover grilled chicken breast. Not a bite was left which is always a good sign!


Tablescape Thursday

13 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Gathering around the table with family, especially at your prettily set one, always makes for a memorable meal..

  2. You always set beautiful tables Linda, lovely when sunflowers spark the imagination. Enjoy.. xx

    1. Thanks, Jeanne. For some strange reason, I enjoy doing tables.

  3. I can just taste that macaroni and cheese, Linda. Table settings are outstanding and I love the orange flower adding a little sparkle. As always – WONDERFUL tables!

    1. Thank you for your always supportive comments.

  4. I Love love sunflowers Linda, and those ceramic plate covers are so unique and pretty! You always set tables full of surprises and wonderful food!

    1. It’s hard not to like 🌻 as they are so happy.

  5. Lovely, lovely table! What a fun memory and the salad plates are gorgeous as are the ceramic plate covers.

    1. Thanks! The plate covers were something I got at a yard sale and never know quite what to do with them.

  6. The sunflowers look so happy sitting among the beautiful dish lids. You are so creative!

  7. What a fun memory and purchase to enjoy as a reminder. Cheerful table setting! The mac and cheese looks great.

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