A Walk Up Beech Hill

Here on Maine’s midcoast are miles and miles of trails where one can hike and experience their unique beauty.

One of my favorites is the Summit Trail at Beech Hill which is part of the Coastal Mountain Land Trust. It is an easy walk on a dirt path with subtle inclines.

On the way to the top I have to stop and admire nature’s offerings. During the summer months wildflowers bloom profusely along the path.

Birds, bees and butterflies proliferate adding to the the trail’s appeal. During the course of a year, 141 bird species can be sighted on Beech Hill. I must confess to hearing more than I see!

In early August, those delicious wild Maine blueberries are ripe for picking. Without question, I don’t get home with as many as are picked as it’s hard not to pop them right into the mouth and enjoy their sun warmed juicy sweetness!

At the top of the summit is Beech Nut, a stone cottage built in 1914 and once used for afternoon tea parties by the then owner. These days it is used only for special events hosted by Coastal Mountain and other local organizations.

The view from the top is spectacular. In one direction are many of the islands that dot Penobscot Bay and a distant view of my favorite lighthouse on Indian Island that marks the entrance to Rockport Harbor.

Turn around and there are woods and mountains. This day dark clouds were filled with rain which suggested hightailing it back down the path or risk getting soaked.

No matter the season Beech Hill is a perfect spot to enjoy quiet beauty, and it is also the sight that from the boat lets me know that home is not far away.

32 thoughts on “A Walk Up Beech Hill

  1. Such lovely captures.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. There is so much beauty here.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the different perspective of the lighthouse on Indian Island. Lovely walk indeed.

    1. What’s funny is I’m not sure I’d ever noticed how visible the lighthouse was. It was like a miniature.

  3. Oh, Linda, those are beautiful photos – especially of the flowers and that butterfly! A nature adventure for sure. Beech Hill is such a treasure.

    1. I’m sure you know why I enjoy it so.

      1. I do indeed, Linda.

  4. Loved sharing your walk and views. Great to see Rudbekia in their natural habitat.

  5. Gorgeous countryside! I’d love to see rain like that on the near horizon here.

    1. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite reach us either and it is so dry.

  6. What a lovely walk and great views. The rudbeckia are gorgeous and it’s good to see them in their natural environment sometimes. Do you ever pick any for a vase?

    1. Absolutely! Wildflowers are plentiful here and often fill my bottles.

  7. That beautiful view is a wonderful reward after a hike up, such a gorgeous spot you have to enjoy!

    1. There is no shortage of beauty here.

  8. Linda, what a beautiful little journey and the views are spectacular. Fresh blueberries picked along the way make for a perfect day. Thanks for taking me along.

    1. When you come to Maine, maybe we can walk it together.

  9. Nice to have a landmark to let you know home is close! Looks like a nice hike. Enjoy the last couple days of August!

    1. The end of August means summer is all but over in Maine.

    2. With the end of August summer is all but over in Maine.

  10. Love these photos! I feel like I’ve taken a mini vacation. Ahhhh

    1. If you’ve been home as much as we have, you need a mini vacation!

  11. I loved the photos and story.

    1. Thank you for appreciating a beautiful place.

  12. Wish I could hike with you!
    Wonderful to be able to pick wild berries.
    Lucky you!

    1. There’s nothing like those little Maine blueberries.

  13. Such a beautiful place for a ramble and I love the view out to the lighthouse. Spectacular! How wonderful to pick fresh blueberries instead of buying them from the store. 🙂

    1. Blueberries taste even better when you pick them yourself, but it takes some time to get enough for a pie!

  14. How lovely! Thank you for taking us on the journey with you!

    1. I appreciate having you along.

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