Boating Paradise

During the summer months Penobscot Bay is a boating paradise.

All kinds of boats, sail and power, take to the water to enjoy Maine’s beautiful coast line and soft summer breezes.

Here and there, it is possible to spot a yacht anchored out, and it never fails to draw attention, especially when it’s large enough to boast it’s own helicopter!

Most years, we don’t see more than one or two of such size, but this summer that has not been the case. Every time we go out on our boat, small by comparison, we spot another mega yacht. By mega I mean multiple football fields long!

Because it’s unusual to see so many of these large vessels in our area, we’ve wondered if the coronavirus is making folks stay closer to home. If so, they’ve picked a good place to be.

It is interesting to note how different are the designs, each of which has unique character.

While these boats are beautiful and I’d sure like to see inside, I’m sticking to Pipe Dreams because these would be too big for our dock!

7 thoughts on “Boating Paradise

  1. I’ve read that health protocols have been put in place for all yachts, including sanitation certificates and health declarations…I think it is keeping most people staying closer to home. I guess we all dream about touring the inside of one of those mega yachts. If I got invited to cruise on one, I’m afraid I’d have to buy an entire new wardrobe to fit in. Pipe Dreams is perfect and we’ve got wonderful memories to prove it.

    1. Ah yes and you got a great photo of an eagle! It would be fun to have you again.

  2. I would like to look inside too! Great photos. I don’t think I ever saw a yacht with it’s own helicopter before.

  3. Wow!! Crazy big with a helicopter! We don’t have many large yachts in our beach area, they are all further south in Florida. I’m not big on sleeping on a boat, I just like to ride and sight see, but the luxury yachts might change my mind 😂

  4. I like Pipe Dreams! Those yachts are something else!

  5. Good Morning Lulu! Those are quite big! We are toying with the idea of a small pontoon for here on the lake. Looking at those yachts makes it seem quite doable for us.

    Our lake has seen the busiest year ever since the 70’s when I was a teen living here. People are staying close to home.

    Have a beautiful day my friend!

  6. Those are some large yachts. I would also choose Pipe Dreams!

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