This is Holbrook Island

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that one of my favorite things to do in Maine is to find an island to explore. Goodness knows there are lots of them, but not all are accessible.

Such is not the case with Holbrook Island, a favorite that is an easy and beautiful boat ride from Rockport.

Unlike many islands, Holbrook is well maintained with groomed paths leading to different parts of the island.

It is amazing how one island can have so much of interest whether it be an abandoned piece of equipment in a field of grass

or strands of seaweed snagged on driftwood as if it were an intentional sculpture.

Walking along the island’s rocky shore one never knows what colors and textures will tickle the eye.

It is amazing how different the views are depending where one is standing. Opposite the rocky shore a field of grass leads to a serene setting.

Speaking of grass, it is fascinating to note the varieties.

Each one has it own unique characteristics.

The same is true of the flowers growing wild among the grasses.

I am tempted to pick a few to take home to arrange in bottles, but my conscience won’t let me.

It’s possible no one would ever know or miss a few stems, however, taking anything away would violate the warnings posted around the island.

So I leave it all behind but take with me images of the beauty that is all around. There is no end to that in Maine.

12 thoughts on “This is Holbrook Island

  1. A lovely place to walk. Your photos have captured the essence of the location. It is sad that there has to be a sign telling people not to take samples!

  2. It must really be something to head to an island and explore it! Looks like you got to see such wonderful beauty in your lens. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  3. How beautiful and how nice to be able to boat over and enjoy a walk about the island!

  4. Maine has endless beauty to discover no matter when you might be. Lovely post.

  5. How beautiful Lulu! Are you in Maine now or Texas? Maine has been on our travel list for a long time. We were in between going to Maine or Washington State this summer but of course it got canceled. Hoping next summer we can try it out! Hope you are doing well despite this crazy virus. Tough times.

  6. Beautiful photos Linda, such a gorgeous place to explore!

  7. Linda, beautiful captures of the island. How fun to have so much to explore!

  8. Linda, I love the treasured beauty all over this state. We wake up and decide which direction we are going to explore today. There are so many places we have not been to yet. As always, these are fantastic photos!

  9. I love your musings! You even make grass so interesting!

  10. Kathleen Oliver July 25, 2020 — 4:23 pm

    ‘Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos and lovely musings.
    We are well and enjoying a little break from the heat because of incredible rain today.
    Say hello to Phil.

  11. Beautiful shots! It reminds me a lot of some vistas in the Washington San Juan Islands.

    1. Maine and the San Juan Islands definitely have similarities. Good observation.

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