A Walk in the Woods

Here on Maine’s midcoast, there is no shortage of hiking trails in the woods where one quickly becomes immersed in nature.

I love the sound of wind sighing in the trees

and the feel of soft, spongy moss beneath my feet.

As I take in what is all around I see shapes emerge. Here two trees cross to become frame for a teepee.

On the ground close by is a fallen branch reminding of a slingshot or maybe a divining rod.

Moss covered rocks have faces. If you think my imagination is running away, look closely for eyes, nose and a mouth that could be the face of a reclining dog or a Star Wars character.

And here lies a simple piece of bark that reminds me of phantom of the opera and the mask he wore.

Tree roots take on the shape of a snake slithering beneath the rocks.

Everywhere there is texture and color, something I look for in many facets of my life.

There are surprising views of water and tree covered mountains that seem to come at just the time when one is needing to stop for a bit.

Downed trees are just as much fun for kids as any playground equipment, and it’s wonderful hearing their peals of joyful laughter as they play on an unexpected find.

Just as there is a beginning, there is an end to a trail and always an appreciation for what nature so generously provides.

13 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. The smell in the woods, the sites, the sounds, the overall feeling of being surrounded by nature so alive and so much more are what calls me every day all year long into our woods. I could not imagine my world without being able to enter that little slice of Heaven on earth on our property! Great pictures

    1. There is something so special about being surrounded by the gifts of nature, but it does take a willingness to see and feel. Tina, I’m always glad to know you are here.

  2. There is something so energizing, yet peaceful about walking through the forest trails. That photo of the lichen is amazing.

  3. Lovely photos that evoke a cooler, gentler summer than Central Texas. I especially like the teepee trees. Good eye!

  4. Linda, we love a hike in the woods. There is always so much to discover if we keep our eyes open! Beautiful photos!

  5. A different view of Maine, I loved seeing the children playing on the tree

  6. How nice that you have the water and the woods to enjoy! Beautiful photos. You have a good eye.

  7. My sister has a house in BBH. Last fall when we visited we took a trip to Moosehead Lake. On the way back we stopped at The site of an old downed Air Force B-52 plane. If you are ever in that area the site is quite interesting. Just a thought. 💕

  8. What a lovely walk. Thanks for taking me along.

  9. I love the photos. We used to live in Maine so thank you so much for sharing them! ❤️

    1. You can appreciate the beauty that is so available in Maine.

      1. You really can. That’s what I miss the most.

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