Many Faces of Fog

Maine and fog are synonymous. Recently we’ve had quite a few days when the fog hasn’t burned off, and after a while you get to feeling a little stir crazy. On those days we sometimes go on the boat looking for clear sky.

As we begin the day’s adventure, boats and houses on Rockport Harbor are shrouded in the mist.

Indian Island at the entrance to the harbor is blurred by a veil of fog. From here it is difficult to know in which direction to head as radar can only do so much. What we do is choose a couple of possible destinations and hope for clearing in what we call a donut hole.

As we move into the open water, it is interesting to note the many faces of fog. It gives a ghostlike aura to islands that dot Penobscot Bay.

In some places fog hangs between sky and sea as if it doesn’t know where to settle.

In others it hovers just above the water leaving a clear sky overhead.

Looking toward the mainland, the mountains are all but obscured.

Yes, we are experiencing the many faces of fog, but we venture on hopeful of finding an island where the sun has won.

Forty minutes or so out, it happens. Fog disappears and in the distance is an island under blue sky. Once close enough we drop anchor, settle beneath the sun and enjoy an onboard picnic which I’d optimistically prepared. Experiences like this are all part of what makes life in Maine the way it should be!

19 thoughts on “Many Faces of Fog

  1. Marcia Gardner July 21, 2020 — 2:18 pm

    Fog is a good moisturizer for the skin!
    Summers in North Carolina had fog also, and while it lasted, we did jigsaw puzzles, read a book by the fire and got ready to go when the sun reappeared.
    Sometimes not fast enough!

    1. Then my skin should be pretty moist!

  2. I can remember mornings waking up and not being able to see the lake right outside the windows of our Maine cottage. I used to like watching as the fog would slowly lift up and drift across the water.

    1. We’ve had quite a run of foggy days that never cleared. Today is welcome sunshine!

      1. I know the two of you will make the most of it…enjoy!

  3. Beautiful photos, fog is magical, it fascinates me how it moves and changes…

    1. Fog does have a mind of its own and is quite fascinating to observe.

  4. Wow beautiful photographs! I like how you described the scenes too

    1. Thank you. I find fog to be fascinating.

      1. Me too! All that mystery…

  5. Fog is so dramatic and it is always a joy when it breaks and you can see clearly again.

    1. Dramatic for sure, but after quite a few days of it I’m ready for some sun.

  6. Beautiful photos Linda! I so hope we can travel to Maine next year.

    1. Fog is an interesting subject. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your Maine visit and hope you will include a stop in Rockport.

  7. Beautiful captures of a beautiful place! Love the fog in Maine.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. We’ve had a lot of it recently so it’s pretty easy to photo.

  8. Such interesting shots.

  9. Fog… one of the things I love the most about the Maine Coast. Stunning Photos… no surprise there!

    1. I enjoy the fog, but a stretch of sunshine will be welcome.

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