What is Grafitti?

Grafitti in public spaces has been defined as a form of visual communication. Sometimes it is no more than scribbles on a boxcar or water tower or door. On such sites, there is no artistry and it serves only to deface.

On the other hand, grafitti can be an art form in which case it never fails to catch my eye.

Often the canvas is an aluminum door behind which may be a commercial space.

The door may be an eyesore in an abandonded warehouse that attracts a creative soul who vastly improves its environment.

Always I wonder at the inspiration behind such creations and about the person(s) who are responsible.

Certainly, there is talent displayed and while all grafitti artists may not have the good fortune to be discovered as was Basquiat, their creations do enhance the blandness of many a urban landscape.


Thursday Doors

17 thoughts on “What is Grafitti?

  1. These are amazing! Love the musician and the elephant!

  2. If I woke up one morning and found an elephant mural on one of the walls of my home, I would be so thrilled. Obviously these things take a very long time to complete but I don’t think it’s a bad idea for a residential home to have some of this kind of art on it.

  3. Some of these artists are so talented. I really appreciate how much this good quality street art is helping to beautify urban settings all over the world. Excellent post 🙂

  4. I have read your blog for several years and I know you are liberal but please don’t just look at the good looking graffiti!! Don’t close your eyes to just those. What the people are doing now is too destroy great things in America. THAT is not beautiful it is absolutely wrong

  5. Not a fan of defacing but the other forms of art on buildings is a pleasant surprise when I see them.

  6. Love that parrot and that elephant, great find 💜

  7. The artist who did the dude with the ghetto blaster was probably Nick Walker

  8. To me, graffiti is like the top example or anything on a building that’s unwanted by the owner. The rest of what you show is, to me, street art. Love the parrot and the elephant, although the rest are beautifully done.


    1. I agree with that though many do not / will not

  9. Interesting concept. Graffiti colors up the surroundings….

  10. Marcia Gardner July 2, 2020 — 10:53 am

    Graffiti is a treat if done “right “!
    Your observations are perfect.

  11. Your “eye” is perfect as is your comments on graffiti!
    Thanks again for being You.

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