At Last!

After weeks of staying home, it was a delight to be invited to have dinner with friends.

It is never a disappointment to go to this home, but this time it was extra special. The weather was pleasant enough to enjoy sitting on the patio with views to a lovely garden. It’s no secret that I’m crazy for birdhouses, so it tickled me to see them as part of the design.

A real attention getter is this potpourri of collected items on a perfectly trimmed wall. This strikes me as a labor of love, and I was surprised to learn that it is the hubby who does the trimming. Not in a million years would this be something my hubby would be challenged to do!

All in all, the patio was a perfect setting to enjoy beverages and tasty appetizers. I could have eaten the whole bowl of homemade salmon spread concocted from leftover fish mixed with cream cheese, mayo and seasonings. Delish!

Moving inside, the table with its array of flowers and candles was a continuation of loveliness.

Combined with floral patterned dishes that repeated colors in the garden, the table was as inviting as it was complementary.

From where I sat I had only to look through the open French doors to feel as if I were dining outside.

A crispy, fresh garden salad started the meal and aromas from the kitchen suggested that what was to come would be tasty and satisfying. Taking the first bite, it dawned on me how good it felt at last to be out and how grateful I am for good friends who share their table.


Tablescape Thursday

9 thoughts on “At Last!

  1. A lovely evening for sure! How we appreciate friends and simple pleasures!

  2. The things we used to take for granted we now appreciate so much! Your friend threw a beautiful dinner party, and the potpourri wall is amazing, so unique and what an attention-getter!

  3. Everything is gorgeous. I know you enjoyed the evening.

  4. What a treat to enjoy a meal with friends again. Really magnifies what matters most.

  5. Linda, what a lovely meal shared with friends in their home!

  6. What a lovely treat. Everything looks so perfect.

  7. One of the coziest and warmest table decors I’ve seen. Delightful!!

  8. Lovely setting. What a treat to be able to dine with friends again!

  9. Delightful evening for sure!

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