Warped to Weave

During these weeks of isolation considerable time has been spent in my studio. For the first time in years the loom was warped with threads that had nothing to do with a commission. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed weaving for others, honored by their interest in my work, but like the cobbler whose children had no shoes, I rarely made anything just for me.

What fun it has been to pick random colors from my still vast array and then to spend time at the computer designing a complementary pattern. All together, it has been a wonderful opportunity to explore new ideas.

I have long wanted to make a runner specifically designed for the dining room table. The idea was especially appealing since the room has undergone recent changes influenced by our decision not to move. With a now neutral palette, the chairs and rug have gone from this

to this.

Playing off the rug colors, these threads were chosen for the runner. They have different textures and there’s even a little sparkle in some of the gold ones. Though subtle, there are two different weave structures in the stripes.

All finished, the runner is stripes bordered by a few inches of checks to add interest.

Since I like manipulating cloth, it is long enough for a few folds at the end. Topped with my favorite fake flowers, the dining room’s new look is complete.

For you weavers, the runner is woven on 16 harnesses, eight for plain weave and eight for the pattern. It could have been done on 10 or 12, but using all 16 gave increased opportunity for pattern. Considering how long it takes to thread the loom, I like to have as much pattern flexibility as possible. All with experience weaving can understand that!

25 thoughts on “Warped to Weave

  1. lulu,
    Wonderful to hear that you can finally make something for yourself, and WHAT A “SOMETHING!” it’s beautiful, and it suits the made-over room completely. Wow, you are very creative. Count me as super impressed!

  2. I really like all the texture in your beautiful runner.

  3. That’s quite a dining room you have. Who plays the piano?

    1. The husband on those occasions when the mood strikes.he never seems to miss a beat or should I say note!

  4. How wonderful to enjoy creating something beautiful for your table. Win, win for sure!

    1. I was quite excited to be doing for me!

  5. Oh my goodness Linda…the runner is gorgeous and so it your dining room!! Glad you made something for yourself!

    1. Yes, it has been fun to weave for no reason other than to do it.

  6. Just beautiful, Linda!!

    1. Thanks. I was happy with the result.

  7. Oh, Linda, that is just beautiful. What a great way to create something so magnificent. I just love it!

    1. Thankfully I found weaving because I can’t paint!

  8. Sherleen Zeher June 14, 2020 — 5:11 pm

    Perfectly beautiful‼️❤️‼️

  9. Beautiful runner. Glad to hear you finally had time to make something for your own enjoyment.

    1. Thanks for taking a look and sharing your nice words.

  10. So stunning Linda, I can feel the joy in it’s creation! The photo of the vases on the runner is beautiful!

    1. You know the joy of creation as you create in so many ways.

  11. You are so very talented, Linda. What a gift – to be able to create such beauty.

    1. Weaving got me through much of the stay at home period.

  12. Linda, the woven runner is stunning. It really adds much beauty to your table. I can’t help but imagine the fabulous acoustics as your hubby plays the piano. Does he often provide music for your guests?

    1. You are right about the acoustics which are wonderful in the turret. Sometimes he will play but only if he feels like it. You never know!

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