Doors, doors, doors!

What is it about doors that is so intriguing? As I look through my photos there are hundreds of images of doors, and I wonder at my attraction to them.

Sometimes doors are one of the things that identify places I have been. You may recognize this one as having the color of Provence.

Washed blues and greens are used throughout for doors and shutters and over time become faded and chipped. In recent years those same tones have been popularized in the decorating world as they are often seen in French Country and Farmhouse style.

Color always catches my eye as it did in the seaside city Essaouira in Morocco. Here bold blue doors appeared to mesh with the vibrancy of surrounding sea and sky.

Not only was the color appealing, I liked how it combined with mosaics handmade in the area to become part of an artistic statement.

If doors told a story, so did the small fishing boats, every one painted blue. I would love to know if blue had more meaning than just being a color.

Over time I plan to share more images of doors as I reflect on what drew me to them. As part of the journey I will join Thursday Doors with others who are drawn to them.

21 thoughts on “Doors, doors, doors!

  1. Lovely pictures of doors, especially the vibrant blue ones. Thank you for sharing your pictures

    1. Thank you for taking a look.

  2. Lulu,
    We are birds of a feather here… I LOVE these photographs, but I’m sure that comes as NO surprise!
    The vibrancy of the colours are droolworthy… regards… Kiwi

  3. Lovely images Lulu – I agree, there’s definitely a draw to doors in photography. I have many in my archives as well. Especially liked your fishing boat image from this set.

  4. I was enjoying the muted but beautiful Provencal colors and then the Moroccan blues knocked my socks off. Loved the gallery.


    1. Isn’t it amazing how different places are identified by color?

  5. I’m not only fascinated with doors but their knobs and hinges as well.

  6. Doors are intriguing! I remember a little village in England… and everyone’s door was different! I took several pictures of them when visiting.
    Great post! And those fishing boats! Wow!

  7. Linda, I am also drawn to doors especially blue ones. I enjoyed seeing the ones that caught your eye!

  8. I love doors … They beckon us towards an intriguing unknown …

  9. I totally understand the lure of door and doorways. I seem to always take photos of them, especially when traveling. They are windows into other folks lives and intriguing and already “framed”. Great post. T

  10. Doors fascinate me too Linda, it began with a trip to San Miguel de Allende Mexico, where the streets are lined with casas with colorful doors. I love to use them as painting subjects!

  11. The vibrant blues are so attractive!

  12. I just returned from Morocco and loved our stop in Essaouira! Great collection of doors!

  13. Oh how I love doors, too. I’ll have to check out this Thursday Doors! Thanks for sharing the link.

  14. Thanks for sharing these lovely shots and most of all: welcome to Thursday Doors!
    The Moroccan blue one with the lovely tile surround is my favourite of this batch. Please do feel free to join us again and bring a few friends if you like. The more the merrier 🙂

  15. Such beautiful blues, Lulu. 😍

  16. Another of my close friends is fascinated by doors. I will forward this to her and try to persuade her to share some of her art works.
    I do think doors make us imagine what lies behind them. I enjoy concocting the answers.

  17. Billie Marasa Keirstead April 16, 2020 — 1:12 pm

    I wonder if this is a common thread amongst photographers. I have always photographed doors as well as windows with flower boxes and gravestones. One of my close girlfriends also shoots doors. Maybe our curiosity about what is behind them makes us do it.

    1. Good point. I also have hundreds of cemetery photos and I make up stories as I wander through.

  18. I also love doors. And blue is my favorite color. So, I love this post!

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