Day 15

Since returning from New York 15 days ago, I’ve led a pretty solitary existence. Funny how I felt no concern about going there only to have everything fall apart a couple of days after arriving. The good news is neither I nor my granddaughter have any signs of being exposed to coronavirus. I thank our guardian angel.

So, how have 15 days passed? Fortunately, time alone is not always a bad thing as I can find many ways to entertain myself. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of getting meals on the table using what is on hand though a grocery run is becoming necessary if we are going to continue to eat. A challenge was making an apple pie, not my specialty but it made the hubby happy.

Playing bridge is a favorite pastime and is one of the things I most miss. Thanks to BridgeBase, I can spend hours online playing either by myself against robots or fill in at a table with others. If you are a bridge player and haven’t discovered this app, do so as it’s a great way to stay on top of your game. Be forewarned the robots are formidable opponents!

From a neighbor I borrowed a jigsaw puzzle, and it has proved to be a mindless way to spend mindless hours. If I ever get it finished it will be cause for celebration!

Sitting still is not something I do easily, so when watching tv something else has to be happening. Now that I’ve gotten a little more comfortable knitting, it is a perfect diversion. Big projects are a ways away, so something like a hat is fun and gratifying.

As in many other places, Houston has a shortage of masks. First responders have dibs on the N-95 respirator masks leaving many others who would benefit from one without. Realizing the need I dusted off the sewing machine and went to work. Making them has been a great way to put good use to my abundant supply of fabric scraps and has made me feel somewhat useful.

Not all hours are spent inside. Most days I walk the neighborhood and appreciate that nature does its job no matter what is going on in the world. As one of my daughters says there is beauty in brokenness and that is something not to be overlooked.

12 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. That’s a seriously good-looking apple pie. You’re so talented! Cheers from the UK.

    1. Thank You! The pie actually turned out OK and the hubby was a happy camper.

  2. We have a lot in common. I love to cook and see, but when I worked full time, I couldn’t allow myself many projects at a time. But now, I’m humming through several at once! Love the fabric you used for masks. And really love the fact that neither you nor your granddaughter have the virus. It’s been a hard time but with a few silver linings.

  3. Glad to hear y’all are all good 😁 stay safe and healthy!
    That is one good looking pie btw!

  4. I love the activities you are doing. We are still working on the 1000 piece puzzle while enjoying the time together. So excited when we find something that fits! We have a WHOLE MONTH, Linda. Leon will have to start teaching me how to cook!!!! NEVER thought I’d be doing that.

  5. Glad that you are clear of the virus. And how wonderful that you are. Asking masks! My sister in law is doing the same!

    And that apple pie looks so good!

    Funny how we have found new hobbies. Stay well my friend!

  6. Linda, I am more than impressed with your apple pie! It is picture perfect, and looks delicious. I love to cook and bake, but pies are not my forte. I could work on that these days while I have plenty of time, but I don’t need the temptation. I applaud you for making masks; thank you. So glad you and your granddaughter are out of the woods regarding the Coronavirus. Stay safe.

  7. Good news that you have no symptoms 15 days out! Yippee. You have been busy with good things.

  8. Lovely flower, and edible looking pie!

  9. I shared the bridge app with my sister in law who plays 5 days a week, I know she is really missing it! Thank you for making masks, that’s such a wonderful contribution! Enjoy the quiet days…

  10. Marcia Fennell Gardner March 28, 2020 — 8:36 pm

    So happy you and your Family are well, and making “lemonade out of lemons” ,
    Getting creative in our kitchen, using things from the pantry and the freezer!
    Husband eats and doesn’t complain either, which means I’m doing something right!

  11. Glad to hear you and your granddaughter are clear of the virus, and looks like you found some enjoyable pastimes.

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