What’s Cooking?

During these days of staying put, cooking has been an interesting challenge. Perhaps because these are such uncertain times and the fact that grocery shelves are largely empty, my efforts have resulted in considerable comfort food made with whatever is on hand.

In the freezer was a ham hock. I have no idea why it was there, but there was no question what to do with it…..ham hock and lima beans!

Just the thought brought a slew of memories.When the hubby and I were first married there was little extra spending money. Eating out was a luxury we couldn’t afford except for an occasional special deal. One such was a generous serving of ham hocks and limas served with cornbread muffins for $1.50. We never missed taking advantage of that offer.

Limas were also a staple of my childhood. Mother served them on top of the cornbread and finished them off with canned tomatoes. It was a no brainer to do the same. As we ate, I could hear my daddy saying, “These taste right musty.”, meaning he wanted another helping.

Speaking of Mother, she made killer chicken and dumplings. Whenever she cooked for us that is what we always asked for, and we ate until we couldn’t take another bite. That always pleased her. How I wish I’d had her tutor me because no matter how hard I try my chicken and dumplings never hold a candle to hers. Even so, my effort was satisfactory and like the lima beans, they gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling.

As we live each day without knowing what happens next, I hope all of us will find comfort in some way. For us right now, food is one of those ways.

9 thoughts on “What’s Cooking?

  1. We ate much of these delicious meals in Alabama. I do not cook much because my husband cooks better tasting meals. Since I am teleworking now I need to have delicious meals waiting for him so I am following cooking blogs for ideas.

  2. Classic recipes and combos are classic for a reason, they taste good!! Happy creating with what’s on hand~

  3. I agree cooking is such a challenge right now! I have been trying to go to the store only once a week and so much is unavailable. When I went on Monday, it felt so strange that we decided to start ordering for online pickup or delivery the next time. We have been cooking lots of homemade soups and yesterday I had my 15 year old son make himself some slowcooker meatballs. Our dog has gone crazy with all the smells. With is life like where you are? Are you mostly at home? Here we don’t have a shelter in place yet in Minnesota but we have only really left the house for walks. My husband is working from home and the kids are out of school. It has been a crazy time. (P.S. WP is acting strange and won’t let me like the post). 🙂

  4. What an appropriate piece so greatly written, Linda. Bringing your past experiences into the picture makes us all stop and think.

  5. Comfort food at its best! My beloved Mom was an awesome Southern cook, wish I could ask her about her perfect country fried steak!

  6. Questions for our dear moms who are no longer with us grow each year. Definitely looks like comfort food.

  7. Lima beans,ham hock and cornbread? Heaven! Chicken and dumplings? Nirvana!

  8. When you mention your Mother, it always puts a smile on my face.😊

  9. Loved your sharing as always…….😉💕

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