For weeks the granddaughters and I have been excited about our trip to New York City. I was especially thrilled that they wanted to spend some of their spring break having another adventure with me. Things, however, didn’t turn out as planned thanks to the current scare permeating the globe.

We arrived in the city Wednesday evening with no plan other than to have a nice dinner. The real fun, shopping, exploring Soho and enjoying theater, would begin the next day. Luckily we got a fairly early start Thursday and managed to cover a lot of ground before everything started to fall apart. By afternoon every public place in the city announced it was closing. Especially disappointing was the news that theaters were included as we had tickets for two performances. With all that was going on around us, it didn’t make sense to stay in New York, so home we came disappointed our adventure was shortlived.

With what time we had, we determined to do as much as possible so that all would not be lost. We hit the streets early to see what we could see. An early observation was that virtually any blank wall became an artist’s canvas. Not all will be as fortunate as Basquiat whose graffiti art led to fame and fortune.

Soho is wonderful to share with teenagers because it is filled with small boutiques offering different looks from chain stores. I mean how many places do you spot a wonderful shop specializing in nothing but laundry products and find it fascinating?

The girls, of course, had a ball trying on outfit after outfit and putting together looks that only the young can pull off. I have to admit to feeling a little envious of their youthful beauty.

Before leaving Friday afternoon, there was enough time to take a quick run to Hudson Yards, a newly developed area on 10th Avenue that is filled with upscale shops and eateries for every taste.

Hudson Yards is connected to Chelsea by the High Line, about a one mile walk on an abandoned rail line. It is a delightful way to glimpse street life and activity on the Hudson River.

By the time we got to Chelsea, there was little time to explore though we did stop at Diane Von Furstenberg’s showroom to check out the gallery space devoted to depictions of women. Before it became such a hip spot, I lived in Chelsea so it is amazing to observe all the changes that have made it such a special area.

No matter the length of time one spends in New York, it is always a treat. What was so different this time was its quiet. There were fewer people on the streets and in shops. In some ways, that was a positive but the reason was disquieting. What the world is going through right now is staggering, and to all of you I send love and hope for your health.

16 thoughts on “Shortlived!

  1. You know me so well, yes I doing a lot more cooking. I’m also sharing tips each day with friends on what we can all do to get through each day.

  2. Sorry to hear of your shortened visit to NYC which you were all looking forward to. It must have been worrying flying home. I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

    1. So far all is well and I hope the same is true for you. Are you spending extra time in the kitchen? I’m having fun making do with what is on hand and find it lends to comfort food.

  3. My niece and her 2 kids went to NYC during Spring Break. They must have been there the same time as you. They took advantage of hardly anyone being on the ferry to the Statue, etc. But alas, as you said, places started closing rapidly and they cut their trip short. They are now home and in self quarantine. Yes, these are trying times but I feel that we Americans only get stronger and more united during times such as this one. Stay safe and healthy Linda. Your grandloves are truly beautiful inside and out.

  4. Lulu,
    A huge disappointment I am sure, but better to be safe.
    NYC will still be there once we have conquered the Coronavirus, and in the meantime you got to spend some precious time with the girls.

    These murals and paintings are BEAUTIFUL!!! (Drooling here, you *Know* I LOVE stuff like this!!)

    I hope that the world becomes a more caring, sharing place after this virus, the We as human beings (on a global scale) learn that it’s better to put differences aside and work together to overcome a shared enemy that threatens our elders and most vulnerable.

    That every life counts and that for this to work we all need to do our bit, right down to the very last individual, washing hands correctly, social distancing etc.

    Stay safe Lulu… I was having a little dip in the last day or so but these photographs *Made my day!!!* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  5. Love to you, too, in this time of disruption to all we know as normal. We will make it through with God’s help.

  6. Marcia Fennell Gardner March 16, 2020 — 3:14 pm

    So sorry your trip did not go as planned.But your “substitutions” sounded great, and I’m sure you shall return to NYC! WITH The Girls!

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  7. Looks like you got quite a bit in in a short time, and had fun.

  8. Oh Linda, what a disappointment, but at least you didn’t have to totally cancel…I loved seeing the graffiti and the Chelsea gallery, wow!!! Stay safe…

  9. I think I need that huge portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg! She’s such an inspiration. And thanks for your whole post. I’m enjoying traveling vicariously since I’m holed up in Knoxville waiting for better times.

  10. Oh, Linda! You saw so much while you were there even though your time was shortened.. I love the heart painted building walls. How cool is that? And I’m going to visit the Hudson Yards the next time I’m there. What a fabulous treat that must have been!! I’m already planning a visit when this virus gets taken care of, Linda, and YOU have given me some hot spots to see. LOVE YOU and your never-ending exciting visits to very cool places.

  11. Looks like a grand time even though it was short.
    Stay safe my friend.

  12. Looks like you got as much in as possible and made the best of the situation. Stay well, Linda!

  13. We were planning a weekend a few weeks from now but hav now cancelled 😢

  14. Even though it was short lived, you ladies made some very special memories!

  15. I loved the post! I also love New York! Crazy stuff happening, stay safe!

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