Everyday Tables

Those dinners we and another couple take turns preparing are nothing fancy nor is the table setting. This night is our turn to host and no more inspiration than the pottery vessel sitting on the table was needed to get started.

Out came placemats, purple for the gals, blue for the guys, and multi colored plates. Some are Fiesta and others are wannabes, all collected at garage sales or thrift shops. Adding to the collection has been ongoing, and now there is quite a selection of colors used on many a fun table.

Napkins folded and placed under the plates add pattern as well as repeat the color palette.

Playful salad plates from World Market remind me of traveling to India. Do you think that could have been why I bought them?

From start to finish the table took only minutes to prepare. Always it is worth the effort to set an attractive table. It tickles the senses and I do believe that food always tastes better when presented attractively.


Tablescape Thursday

2 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Your tables are always so unique, I love this colorful table!

  2. I always enjoy setting a table. I enjoy your creativity.

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