Sunday Wanderings

Usually when I post under this heading, it is to share a new discovery, but there is more to my Sunday Wanderings. Early in the day, I catch up on followed blogs. I appreciate shared beauty, salivate over tasty recipes, revel in travel adventures, admire great photography hoping to garner tips for improving my own, absorb personal stories.

After spending time with those of you who I follow, I move on to news. I start first with sports. Generally, there is an upside to those stories though not so much right now with my hometown baseball team, the Astros. They went too far with sign stealing, but I’ll not abandon them because the team with its spirit and energy has been an easy one to like.

From sports I move on to people and places. While not always positive, the news does provide information about what is going on in other parts of the world. Of course, that news is dominated now by the outbreak and spread of coronavirus. For me, the question becomes how to respond. I’ll not travel to severely impacted countries or book a cruise on a ship that carries thousands of passengers which has never been an option anyway. Rightly or wrongly, my thinking is to follow recommended protective procedures and go on living life as normally as possible. That includes traveling to NYC later this week to enjoy a much anticipated adventure. My compromise there will be to Uber rather than rely on the subway!

Last on the list of Sunday wandering is reading about politics. Like so many others in the US, I am totally frustrated by the state of affairs and can barely tolerate the idiocy that dominates the current political landscape. I find myself wondering how we’ve allowed ourselves to get into such a mess and what it will take to change it. To think that we have to put up with meaningless rhetoric until November is almost more than I can bear. Perhaps I’ll be watching more of Saturday Night Live because at least there it is possible to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. To see what I mean, take a look here:

Well, so much for this Sunday’s wanderings. The sun is shining, and it’s a beautiful early spring day inviting me to enjoy sunshine, blooming things and bird sounds.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. lulu,
    I hope you have a fantastic time in New York, have fun but also try to stay safe. 🙂

    Your summary of the political scene is spot on, ditto everything in the video link, yes I had a giggle!

    Himself is a Biden fan, I’m cheering for Bernie, but no matter what happens we can see from across the pond that the USA desperately needs a more competent President than the one you have now. In fact pretty much *anyone* would be better than Trump .. for the planet, for global health, safety, financial stability etc etc etc the list goes on.

    If Europeans could vote in this election you would have more support than you knew what to do with. Sadly we can just hope for better luck this time.

    Have a FABULOUS TIME in New York… we look *very* much forward to hearing all about it in due course!

  2. Enjoy your trip to New York!

  3. Have a wonderful trip to NYC. The Japanese Maple is stunning!

  4. I enjoyed this Sunday’s wanderings. I so agree with your comments about the political landscape we find ourselves in. November can’t come quickly enough.

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