Rethinking a Closet

So, why is all this stuff piled high on every surface? Yes, it is out of the closet which is being redesigned. It was the hubby’s idea that rather than reclaim the deposit we’d made for a custom closet at the place we aren’t moving it would be a good idea to redo what we have. OK…….

As with any project, there is more to it than meets the eye. The old stuff has to come out and walls have to be patched and painted.

Then come the new elements and all the tools necessary for installation.

Nothing happens quickly and for days on end, installers will be in and out working to get everything perfect. I have to say these two guys were not only skilled, they were incredibly polite and pleasant to have around.

Though I found nothing wrong with the old closet, I must admit that the new one is much improved. There is a place for everything and I very much like the addition of doors behind which can be hidden anything that is unsightly or needs a bit of extra protection.

What I learned during this process is that you don’t have to have a room sized closet for it to be efficient. What is important is for the space to be well organized. That means considerable preliminary planning to determine what from clothing to jewelry goes where. Too, it is very helpful to measure differing lengths of clothing in order to plan hanging spaces.

These days there are a number of accessories that make everything in a closet accessible. Taking the time to educate yourself about them contributes to a functional closet design.

Perhaps most important is getting rid of anything that is no longer useful. That means all those clothes that you think are too good to dispose of but that you haven’t worn in five years or more! It’s amazing how much space that opens up. Finally, when putting everything back in the closet the Marie approach is great. Not only does rolling create more room, you can actually see what is in the drawer. I’ve used this approach for packing for years and it translated nicely in the closet.

For sure, a closet that is as carefully thought out as any other room in your house has great reward.

16 thoughts on “Rethinking a Closet

  1. The closet looks wonderful. Mine is still just a basic old-fashioned closet with lots of clothes hanging in it. Maybe we’ll have to remodel it someday.

  2. What a nice closet, you are going to love it. I especially like those hangers…did they come from the closet company? It also looks as though where your slacks are hanging that it might pull out.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful closet! Love the doors!!

  4. Virginia Duran March 7, 2020 — 8:03 am

    This is brilliant, thanks for sharing. It gave me peace of mind seeing your process.

  5. Winner winner chicken dinner! What a fine closet that is!

  6. Lulu,
    I have to admit ours need doing too, but we are still up in the air with the kitchen, Himself and a good friend just finished painting our living room (yesterday!), the dining room where the kitchen is going is 80% painted, hallways and stairs need doing and Kiwi Daughter’s room has just been done, as have the walls in our guestroom.
    We have an AMAZING handyman who will install the kitchen but that’s all on hold at the moment because his wife passed away suddenly 10 days ago (43 years of age) so now is NOT the time to start ranting and raving ‘where is our kitchen?’ People are FAR more important and our empty room that has been empty since just before Christmas can handle being empty a few months more. …or until whenever he is ready.
    Your new wardrobes look BRILLIANT! Well done on a fabulous selvage of something from the old/new house that you didn’t end up moving into.

  7. What great ideas, Linda. I especially like rolling the sweaters. I roll clothes in a suitcase and they come out not needing to be ironed. I love it. I LOVE the new closet!! Where do the shoes go?

    1. They are behind one set of doors which I love!

      1. Great idea!! I’m going to change mine being on the shelves across the floor. Looks so cluttered.

  8. You’re invited to my house any time to cull out what I don’t wear, what I don’t need! You’ve made a lovely space for yourself, and I’m quite frankly just jealous. Maybe, just maybe, your post will inspire me to at least clean out!

  9. What a dreamy closet, lucky you!

  10. What a nice transformation. My closets could use some help!

  11. Kathleen Oliver March 4, 2020 — 6:27 am

    What a incredible project to accomplish!

  12. So jealous of your wonderful closet! It is grand.

    1. It would not hold all your shoes!

  13. Sounds exciting. Much work is needed in my closet. Keep sharing if you have more.

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