Car Talk

My daddy loved to check out new cars when they were introduced. Going to see them was always opportunity for a family adventure. Since those childhood outings, I haven’t been to a car show but it seemed a good idea to go since I’m looking for a new vehicle.

I was aware that Houston hosts an annual auto show, but I wasn’t prepared for what a big deal it is. There were hundreds of people there oohing and ahhing over old and new autos.

Thankfully, I had my camera with me as there was much to photo though with all the lights and glare, it was nearly impossible to get a good shot.

What was amazing was how the crowd segregated itself. In the areas where there was a sizeable selection of sedans, crossovers and SUVs, there were families and senior citizens checking them out.

Believe me, there were many ranging from affordable to quite expensive from which to choose.

Pickup trucks and Texas go together so you can be sure that every two stepping’/boot wearing guy at the show was looking them over. I’m telling you many of the pickups are as loaded as any car and some of them are a lot more expensive. They do take up more than their fair share of space in a parking lot though!

So, what attracted the younger generation? No question, it was Jeeps, especially boxy ones in bright colors and maybe a removeable top. Heck, the display even had a setup that allowed a test drive over a “rugged” terrain. Now that’s what I call going all out!

Where there was a crowd so dense you couldn’t see the car, you can bet it was a hot number, a car that may have been every guy’s dream.

Several makers had their racing version on view. Even standing still, those vehicles gave the illusion of speed. Can’t you just hear the engine revving up?

Electric cars generated a lot of interest. I didn’t realize there were so many on the market nor did I know they could cost as much as $175,000. Heck, I’d be afraid to drive the thing. While electric may be the car of the future, for now its best purpose appears to be in town driving. Their range is limited and charging stations are not yet common. If I were to get one, I sure liked this sassy Jaguar.

So, was it worth it going to the auto show? You bet! It was fun and a great people watching opportunity. Oh, the car? Well, it’s not this.

After all the looking, the Genesis line was the favorite. I’m thinking a G70 might be in my future. I like a little something sporty and racy like the little ole lady from Pasadena and it fills the bill.


8 thoughts on “Car Talk

  1. We bought a Genesis when we moved to Florida and really enjoy the car. Good luck with whatever you decide on.

      1. The same as what you like but when it was the Hyundai Genesis. We only have a little over 5,000 miles on it and it has been trouble free.

  2. The car show looks like a lot of fun. I think that I need one of these vehicles. I can’t decide which is my favorite.

  3. Linda, Leon and I used to go to the Dallas Fair just to see the new cars. We’d be looking for our next purchase and seeing all those wonderful vehicles was so much fun.

  4. What a fun event. I would have enjoyed seeing all that is available. My hubby has a Ford pick-up that is loaded and comfy. Puts my SUV to shame.

  5. Oh how fun! I bet all the cars, trucks and jeeps were showing off in their Sunday Best!

    Good Luck finding the perfect car! 😊

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