Everyday Tables

So many people are drawn to a blue and white color scheme and use it effectively in their homes. I, too, like it, but for me, blue and white is an accident.

I probably wouldn’t have anything blue and white had not my daughter put her Polish pottery in a garage sale. Knowing how costly it was, I couldn’t bear to see it sold for pennies on the dollar, so I brought it home and managed to find room to stack it in a cabinet.

Since then it has been used for many happy table settings.

I like the variety of pattern and how well the pottery mixes with so many things.

Recently, I found blue and white vases in a closeout sale at Pier One. Filled with flowers they were paired with the white pumpkins I can’t bring myself to get rid of. Only one vase stayed on the table at meal time to make it easier for diners to see across the table. I find that when views are blocked, someone always moves whatever is in the center of the table.

Unpacking all those boxes that had been readied for the move that isn’t happening, I came across these placemats which had never been used. I think they came from some market in one or another of the places I’ve traveled.

The blue design tied right in with the pottery and made for an easy table setting. Easy is always a plus in my book.

When the meal was served, I noted something unexpected. The pottery is heavier than most and was the perfect background for what turned out to be a very hearty dish. Funny how sometimes things just come together.


Tablescape Thursday

10 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. I love your new to you dinnerware and accessories…a good thing you rescued them from the yard sale! The table is beautiful as always!!

  2. You entertain so graciously. I would have saved the pottery too. I’ve always liked the Polish Pottery.
    However, I don’t know where I could cram it.
    Your pot pie looks pretty. And I love your blue and white vase and flowers.

    1. Finding space for anything new does get to be a challenge. You must have your computer back or did you get a new one?

      1. Would you believe I got it back in three days! I expected it to take weeks. I was so worried something would go wrong with it but thankfully it was an easy fix. Apple has great service.

  3. I love the Polish pottery. I can see why you rescued it from the garage sale.

  4. Beautiful! It’s hard to part with pretty plates! Love the blue chairs…

    1. You know, I hope the daughter will someday want the pottery back.

  5. Glad you saved those from the garage sale. I like the color combo on that first setting.

  6. How pretty! You know blue and white is my favorite.

    1. You are one of the people I thought about.

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