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One of the reasons I don’t mind cooking is the kitchen. It has views to the outside no matter where I am working, and its openness allows me to be part of whatever is going on nearby. Oh, and the kitchen’s convenient arrangement makes accessing whatever is needed to prepare a meal quite easy.

Like many of you, I am in and out of the house all day which means I slow cook a lot. Not only is that a means for preparing food, I have found it impossible to mess up anything done in the slow cooker! That is a real plus as I’ve been known to let stove top effort be forgotten and the result disastrous.

In the last post, the table was set for a dinner with friends. It had considerable color and I wanted to make a dish that would look nice on the white plates but not be conflicting. Funny as it may sound I like for the table setting and the food to be complementary.

So, what was the choice? A slow cooked chicken with an olive topping. For this dish, any chicken pieces would work. I happened to have bone in chicken thighs on hand so they were the choice. I like using bone in pieces whenever possible as they seem to have more flavor.

Thankfully, the dish was a hit judging from everyone’s cleaned plates. That makes the recipe worth sharing. It is as simple to prepare as it is tasty.

Chicken with Lemon & Green Olives

For 6 servings, use 3 lbs. of chicken pieces seasoned with salt and pepper. Brown the pieces in 2 T. of olive oil and set aside.

Pour off most of the fat from the pan and sauté 1/2 finely chopped onion and 2 finely chopped celery stalks with 2 sprigs of fresh or 1 heaping t. of dried thyme and 5 minced garlic cloves. Add 1/2 c. of dry white wine, 1/4 c. chicken stock and 1 t. white vinegar. Stir and then place the mixture in the bottom of your slow cooker. Place the browned chicken on top and cook for about 3 hours.

For the topping, slice one lemon very thin. Remove the seeds and finely chop, rind and all. In a bowl, combine it with 1 1/4 c. finely chopped green olives, 1/3 c. finely chopped sliced almonds and 2 T. chopped flat leaf parsley. Stir in 2 T. of olive oil and season to taste with salt and pepper.

I mounded all the chicken on a platter and added the topping along with lemon quarters for an attractive presentation. As a side I made risotto and surrounded it with roasted Brussels sprouts. Mashed potatoes, rice or couscous would also be good choices.

All together the citrusy and salty flavors were a wonderful treat and the dish one that is on my list of do again.

19 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. What a delight to sit at that beautiful table, it just makes you smile. Then to be served that delicious dinner! 😘

  2. The chicken looks super yum. I will have to try. Your kitchen is stunning as well. So bright and airy 🙂

  3. Lulu,
    What a wonderful MASSIVE kitchen! It’s beyond gorgeous and BIG and yes I am jealous 🙂
    I have a tiny 1930’s galley kitchen, but we are in the process of moving the kitchen into the dining room,.
    The new kitchen will still be half the size of your beautiful kitchen, but will be double the size of what we currently have. Add to that I will FINIALLY have a DISHWASHER !!! my first ever!!! YEAH! Our holiday home has one, but f course we are only there for a few weeks every two years so that doesn’t count.

    I like very much the idea that you put the colour into the table settings when you have white plates, and tulips to top it all off, the napkins and very detail, perfect!. They say you eat first with your eyes, in your case I think your table settings give everyone an instant appetite, your guests must be drooling even before dinner hits the table. The food then becomes the perfect finishing touch.

    Wonderful post… p.s. I really want to steal your kitchen, lol !

    1. I love my kitchen though it is really not massive but it is efficient. I remember getting our first dishwasher. What a gift and I’ve thought so ever since.

  4. I love seeing your kitchen. How fabulous! Table looks very inviting, and the recipe is a keeper!

  5. How wonderful to have such good views in your kitchen. Your meal sounds satisfying.

  6. What an amazing kitchen. I am just going to sit and gaze at it for a bit.
    Your dish and table are quite elegant.

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful, I don’t remember seeing it before~ I like to use bone in chicken thighs too, much more flavor and I think they do better in the slow cooker than boneless breasts. It looks like you had a very successful dinner party!

    1. I love having friends share a meal. Home is friendlier and makes it easier to visit.

  8. Love your kitchen, Linda. The dish and table are stunning!

    1. The kitchen and butlers pantry are favorite places.

  9. Thank you, Linda.
    I printed the recipe and will try soon.

  10. Wonderful photos and like that teal accent color and oh my goodness the tulips!!
    And we have a name for forgetting about food prep stuff – called walkaway food

    1. Walk away food….I like that!

  11. Splendid recipe..The kitchen is a dream. Your napkin holders are very funky – nice! 💕

    1. I do love my kitchen which is a good thing considering how much time I spend there.

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