Icy Cold!

Iceland, no not the country, is an extraordinary exhibit of ice sculptures that is part of the holiday attractions at Galveston’s Moody Gardens.

You know it’s gotta be cold inside when you are given a down parka to wear, but who knew it was going to be this cold?

The colorful sculptures were representative of many cultures and countries. See the Eiffel Tower in the background? It changed colors just as the real thing does.

As full of wonder as any child I took my time wandering through the exhibit all the time wondering how the sculptures were created and what would happen to them later.

I had expected nothing more than pieces sculpted from blocks of clear ice, so what was before me was a wonderful surprise.

It was hard to pick a favorite, but the London interpretation was high on the list. I haven’t been to London in some time, and I wonder if those phone booths are still around now that most have cell phones.

As with the light show, there was a reference to Texas, this time Houston which is home to NASA.

Perhaps the most popular sculpture was this one where every child was having a very quick photo snapped. Thankfully, a human Santa’s lap isn’t quite so cold!

The first time through I had only my iPhone with which to snap photos, and it had scarcely any battery. I had no choice but to get my real camera and go through Iceland a second time. Though I succeeded in getting photos, by the time I finished I couldn’t feel any part of my exposed self. Nine degrees is too cold to tarry long, but as I thawed I knew freezing had been worth it!

7 thoughts on “Icy Cold!

  1. Hi lulu
    What amazing ice sculptures! The london one is brilliant. I can tell you there are still red phone boxes around. However some have been converted to send texts or emails but some still have telephones and you can pay with cash or cards! In some villages the phone boxes have been converted into tiny libraries where people swap books. They will never disappear completely as they now have protected heritage status in some places. Like red post boxes and black cabs they are much loved.

    1. Yes, I was amazed by the ice sculptures. Thanks for updating me about the phone boxes which, along with buses, I so associate with London. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I adore ice sculptures and these are pretty great! I have enjoyed following you this past year and look forward to what you are doing in 2020. Best to you and your family. Teresa at Food on Fifth.

  3. This is all so incredible!! It must have been so amazing!! And cold! Thanks for taking us along…

  4. Linda, what a magical display, I enjoyed it through the lens of your camera and stayed toasty warm!

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