Keeping it Simple

During the holiday season it is easy to get a little stressed figuring out the perfect gifts, fighting traffic, trying to find a parking place in crowded malls and, perhaps, dealing with a busier than usual schedule.

These days I try to keep things a little simpler and focus on what is important to me. Friends and family take top priority, and I look for ways to spend time with them. Time is such a treasured gift, and yet it is often the most difficult to give and receive.

One way I try to spend time with friends is to invite them to dinner. Typically, it’s four or six who gather around a table to enjoy and celebrate friendship. Never is the meal or the table fancy as that is not my style, but I do attempt to make both warm and welcoming.

This time of year is especially fun to set a table as it’s opportunity to use those Christmas dishes that are in the cabinet the other eleven months. These by Bella Ceramics are always the first ones out as they have a touch of playfulness.

Too, the dishes are very easy to accessorize so no matter how many times they are used in December, they will be surrounded by something different.

I so look forward to the time spent around the table as for that short period there is relief from the stress of the season. I hope you, too, are taking time out to enjoy the gift of being with family and friends.

10 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple

  1. Lulu,
    Whilst everyone else is distracted by the Bow tied napkins, I am drooling over those little spoons with the candy-cane style handles! They are so beautiful!!! …

    …and what I really like about your tables is how you manage to put everything *together* so well, knowing to use these green stemware glass instead of clear ones etc. That’s not just practice, it’s a talent.

    Although I am also arty, I do not have this knack for being able to mix and match patterns, colours and styles like you do, I often see you put what looks to me like miss-matched patterns together but because you tie the elements together with the right colours, napkins, runners etc, it all just ‘works’ amazingly. You need a special sort of eye for that I think,, I certainly don’t have it.

    You could take up interior design no problem!

    … me? I’m back to drooling over those little spoons lol!

  2. Your decorating style always makes me smile…I’m sure all your dinner guests feel the same way. As to the food, I know that is always delicious.

  3. Those dishes are so unique and I love the bow folded napkin!

  4. I really like the bow fold, too. Very pretty. Having people in for a meal is a great gift and wonderful way to enjoy Christmas!

  5. Marcia Fennell Gardner December 14, 2019 — 9:51 am

    Especially my “old ones” that still play music!
    Great idea to use them in your tablescape! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  6. Your talent in arranging a table setting is like no other. I learn from you – whether it is folding a napkin or arranging unique centerpieces or ideas where to purchase such things – I LEARN. I love the carpet/rug under the table and the colors are exquisite. OUTSTANDING! The whole thing!

  7. Linda, I love this bow tie fold! Did you use another napkin for the center round, or is there a way to tie it with one napkin?

    1. One napkin is all that’s needed. Fold in half and then loosely tie a know and fluff the ends. Very easy.

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