Knitting and Purling

During the baseball playoffs, I spent lots of time in front of the TV cheering on the Houston Astros. Sadly, my enthusiastic support did not help the team win the World Series.

What watching so much baseball meant was sitting and that’s hard for me to do. Thinking that it would would keep my hands busy and be something new to learn, I decided to take on knitting.

Searching You Tube for some easy tutorials, I came across two, one for acorns

and one for leaves. Maybe they caught my eye because outside leaves and acorns were falling like crazy. The patterns seemed easy enough, so after a trip to Walmart for some fall colored yarns the process began. Getting over being awkward with the needles, knitting and purling got easier, and I made one acorn and leaf after another. When baseball games got a little tense, I did make a mistake or two so there were some do overs.

I was pleased with the results, but what does one do with a bunch of knitted acorns and leaves? I couldn’t find the right place for them, and at last I thought to join the two pieces together. Still not sure what to do with them, I left them in a bag for a few days and then it hit. Add a piece of yarn long enough to tie to the back side and voila, there’s a new napkin holder!

It has been fun using these simple creations on fall tables, and you can be sure they are part of the Thanksgiving table setting.

Making the acorns and leaves was fairly simple and I am encouraged to think there are other projects in my knitting future. So long as You Tube provides the tutorials, there’s no telling what happens next!

20 thoughts on “Knitting and Purling

  1. Love this! Thank you for posting you beautiful work!

  2. Very nice acorns and leaves. I’m trying to picture how to crochet them – I’m much more adept with one hook than two needles.
    When you asked the question – what to do with them – I thought about the freeform crochet scrumbles I’ve been working on. Similar idea.

    1. I bet there is a tutorial on You Tube.

    1. Thanks. It was fun making them.

  3. These are really sweet! I love the little acorns!

  4. First of all I’m impressed that you watched a tutorial and then created those acorns and leaves. They are adorable and that was a great way to use them!

    1. If they hadn’t been simple, nothing would have happened! Happy Thanksgiving and thank you, Ellen, for being such a loyal follower.

  5. 🙂 They’re so pretty! 🙂

    1. Thank you. They were very fun to make.

  6. So cute Linda! I could never figure knitting out, but I love to crochet, such a great way to stay productive watching TV! I’m working on fingerless gloves for gifts this year, so easy! Love you acorns and leaves!

    1. I bet these could be crocheted as well. I’m also trying some fingerless gloves. Getting them the right size is the challenge. Happy Thanksgiving, Jenna, and thank you for your loyal presence.

  7. Amazing creativity! I also loved them by themselves!

    1. Thank you for your always positive responses. Enjoy Thanksgiving.

      1. You’re welcome, and we hope to have a joyful holiday!

  8. I love them!

  9. Linda, they are beautiful and will be the the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. At least they add a little something new. Enjoy your day with family, and thank you for being part of my blog world. I am grateful.

  10. Lulu,
    You could also possibly add some sparkle with beads, sequins or thread with metal woven into it and make Christmas ornaments from these?!
    I must say though, these go fabulously with those plates! AND they look wonderful too, amazing work, well done you!!! (Sorry your team didn’t win… if you want commiserations then Google how many time the Dutch National football team have made it into World Cup finals and NOT won… way too many times (sigh).

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