Sunday Wanderings

You’d think that with the time I spend in Maine, I’d do the things that attract my attention before the last minute. Not so. There’s always one more thing I’d like to do before going back to Houston.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Today it was going to Bristol, home of the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, one of Maine’s most popular lighthouses.

Commissioned by President John Quincy Adams, the lighthouse opened in 1827.

Originally, the light was lit by oil, then kerosene, then in 1934 it became the first lighthouse to become automated.

The light is still operational and can be seen for some 14 miles in clear weather. As it has for almost two centuries, it warns of the dangers of treacherous rocks common in Maine’s coastal waters.

Also on the property is the Fishermen’s Museum which opened in 1972 in what was formerly the lighthouse keeper’s home.

Staffed by knowledgeable volunteers, the museum collects and preserves historical data and artifacts relating to the fishing industry in the Bristol area.

Ask a question and a volunteer is only too eager to share his/her knowledge and point to items of particular interest.

Maine has well over a hundred lighthouses. I may not make them all, but I’ll give it a good try as they tell a good part of Maine’s story.

Fort William Henry

Speaking of history, as we were leaving the area I spied a sign reading Colonial Pemaquid. Never one to resist a road leading to who knows what, we followed the sign. There on the banks of the Pemaquid River is the reconstructed Fort William Henry. I’ll not go into all the details, but it dates back to the French and Indian Wars and the American Revolution. Maine, originally part of the Massachusetts colony, has an intriguing history.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. We took friends to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse on a day similar to yours. It made for a delightful visit as I’m sure yours was.

    1. Pemaquid is a particularly fetching lighthouse.

  2. I’ve been to this lighthouse and loved it. I am thrilled you gave us the wonderful history.

    Love your wanderings!

  3. Glad you haven’t exhausted Maine with all it has to offer. Wander on!

  4. We have a subscription to Down East, and this lighthouse received the number one spot for Favorite Lighthouses this year. And I can see why. Loved the setting for this one.

  5. It must be awe inspiring living amid so much history and so much to explore! Lighthouses are so fascinating to me, each one has a unique story…

  6. I enjoy your wanderings, Linda. The lighthouse has been seen in so many photos, loved seizing yours!

  7. Interesting, as always. Love your wanderings and your pictures of local treasures.

  8. What a beautiful lighthouse! 😍

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