Everyday Tables

No sooner does it get to be fall than I’m off to Beth’s Market where there is an incredible selection of pumpkins and gourds.

With so many sizes and colors to choose from, selecting is a challenge. After carefully going though them and trying first one and then another together, I always come home with a box full.

You can be sure that many will end up on the table and for several weeks will serve as the centerpiece for a variety of settings.

This collection of pumpkins and gourds are arranged on a red/orange cloth with threads of yellow and green.

The combination of colors made this table come together in a flash. Tagg dishes, t the first ones I got after buying this house 18 years ago, are perfect. The plates are yellow, and the side dishes are green and orange.

There are still herbs on the porch, and they reminded me of the wonderful napkin rings representing several varieties that I bought in Cortona, Italy a few years ago They hadn’t been used since last year so it was like having something new.

So, just like that the first of several tables is set.

With a few changes, there’s a whole new table. This time I chose white dishes with a simple line drawing of a flower. It kinda reminds me of the way what is left in my garden looks!

Rose toned flatware adds warmth to the setting, and the unexpected arrangement lends a touch of fun.

Orange ruffled placemats are exchanged for loosely woven ones, and the same napkins (clean, of course) are folded accordion style. Maizy looks on with approval, and when dinner is served she’ll be at my feet hoping to pick up a morsel or two.


Tablescape Thursday

4 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Both are fun and perfect for the fall season.

  2. Great table for October. Fun to see Maizy.

  3. Looks like a wonderful “pumpkin patch!” I love the casual way you styled the runner, and it’s fun to see how much the look can change with different dishes, lovely as always!

  4. Your market visit provided a beautiful centerpiece. I enjoy your artful eye for tablescapes, Linda! Anyone would be excited to sit at one of your everyday tables!

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