Letting Go

Sitting at my desk, I notice outside the window a dance of leaves. One by one they release from a tree branch and float gracefully through the air until reaching a final resting place.

The journey may take a minute or two, but when they reach the ground the leaves cover it with a coat of many colors.

You would think the wind is what causes them to fall, but at this moment there is no wind. No, the leaves just seem to let go as if tired of hanging on.

Watching the leaves float through the air before dropping gently to the ground evokes surprising thoughts. I wonder why it is not as easy for people to let go. Why is it we hang on to old hurts, to anger, to frustration, to dissatisfaction with the hand we’ve been dealt.

Just as leaves have their season, perhaps the same should be true for those things that interfere with human life. Can you envision letting go, releasing those things that stay silently hidden and allowing them to fall gently to the ground?

Though it may not always be easy, my guess is that letting go leads to a happier life.

10 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Forgiveness is powerful for sure…

    1. How right you are, but it sometimes takes me a while to get there.

  2. Such wise words, what a lovely post…

  3. Linda, thoughts to ponder. Why can’t we let go of old wounds and hurts? Life would be simpler if we could.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if it weren’t so hard to make life simpler?

  4. So profound, Linda. Lots to ponder.
    The leaves are beautiful!
    We had much-needed rain during the night and woke up to 64 degrees with a high of 70 today. I looked at Houston and San Antonio weather and it was 70 with a high of 91.

    1. A few days of wind and many of the leaves are gone. Looking at our yard, you’d think all of them!

  5. Lulu,
    Very, very true sentiments, and also true not just on a personal, but also on a national and international scale. If only people (and nations) were happy with what they have, all the effort put into fighting, conflict, revenge, and hate could be instead channeled for good.

    Old feuds only make people bitter and twisted, they only think about the long running drama of the family fight / neighbour conflict / work disruption and get stuck in this rut in their lives.

    I’ve been there, we were betrayed by a foster kid supposedly in genuine need. After 3.5 years we discovered piece my piece that everything was lies, his supposedly dead parents lived, he stole from us, used us and lied to our faces.
    It was tough to let that go, disappointment, anger and emotional hurt, and it took a long time. Once I was in that place to do it though, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.
    I don’t want contact with him, because we can no longer believe anything he would say to be genuine (he openly said multiple times that he will say anything people want to hear to get them off his back or to achieve his own ends) but have forgiven him for everything he did and put us through. We don’t ever regret reaching out to help a kid, we just happened to help the wrong kid.

    Letting go is extremely difficult, it hurts almost as much as hanging on to the grievance in a way, so you don’t see how big a burden it was until it has been lifted off your shoulders.

    How beautiful to be a tree and to be able to just let go.
    Wonderful post lulu…

    1. I am so sorry to learn of your experience. When one is offering to help a child in need, that should be rewarded. I hope you have let go of the feelings surrounding this unfortunate situation as it does no good to hang on to them.

  6. Linda you have a wonderful gift of expressing your thoughts. I love reading every thing you write.
    Thank you for sharing
    This last post made me think you might enjoy the book my son Manny wrote. He received a national award
    It speaks to your question. It is called A Glossary of Life. By Manny Garcia. You can get it on Amazon.

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