Sunday Wanderings

En route to an unexpected venture to Tennessee, I made a quick stop in Williamsburg, Virginia. That wasn’t exactly on the way to Franklin, but it gave opportunity to visit a granddaughter who is a freshman at William & Mary.

I had a little time before meeting her and decided to see what the area had to offer. Now you would think that would entail exploring the known historical sites , but passing a sign directing to the Williamsburg Winery I couldn’t resist checking it out.

Curiosity is what drew me as I never thought of Virginia being much of a wine producing state.

On the property, it was surprising to see acre after acre planted in vines.

Expressing my surprise, I learned that soil around Williamsburg has many of the characteristics of grape growing areas in France and Italy which make it possible for grapes to thrive. From an astonishing variety, the winery produces an impressive selection of wines, most made entirely with grapes grown on the property.

Wine is not the only attraction here. Wedmore Place is a lovely 28 room inn done very much in European style.

I didn’t expect to see more than the entry, but Karen, a thoughtful staff member, kindly asked if I would like to see more of the place. No way was I going to refuse that offer!

Each of the rooms, she explained, is different but has in common a fireplace. What a plus!

The library with cushy sofas and walls of books is appealing. It is a perfect room for relaxing, perhaps after a cooking class or dinner in the inn’s Provencal restaurant.

All its amenities suggest that Wedmore Place would be a delightful destination next trip to Williamsburg. The hubby would like it for sure. I mean, how can you beat a place with good wine, good food and beautiful surroundings?

13 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. What an enjoyable place to visit while you wait to see your granddaughter.

    1. It was an unexpected pleasure.

  2. It’s on my list now, Linda!!! Thank-you.

    1. I think you would enjoy the place and Williamsburg.

  3. What a nice stopover that I think my hubby and I would enjoy! I am enjoying your Sunday posts.

    1. It’s always fun to find a new place for an adventure.

  4. Now that’s my kind of a side adventure!

    Lovely place to partake at and stay at.

    Happy Week to you!

  5. You always find such lovely and interesting places on your wanderings. I love Williamsburg.

  6. Very nice of tbe innkeeper to show you rooms – and actually a wise business move because now that some folks see how quaint they are it could bring in more folks!
    William & Mary is a good school – best wishes

  7. Lulu… Next time in Williamsburg let us know. We would love to see you. My cell is 757-232-4249.

  8. A good “wine detour” is always worth the effort.

  9. A happy accidental visit! Sounds like a wonderful place!

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