Everyday Tables

It gives me pleasure to share a meal at a friend’s home. I always enjoy the camaraderie and the meal, but there’s more. Shared meals provide opportunity to become better acquainted with a person’s personality and creativity.

With this friend, a shared meal will have a theme. This night it had a Spanish flair from start to finish. I so appreciate the thought she puts into planning, and something tells me that is characteristic of her other endeavors.

None of her tables are ever carelessly set. Flowers of whatever season are always present, and there is a playfulness in their presentation providing yet another insight to the friend.

Her use of different pitchers as containers for the flowers hinted at creativity. Using the pitchers especially appealed to me as I have a thing for them. (Note to self: use mine on a table.)

There is nothing fancy about the table setting which ensured that everyone felt comfortable.

The simplicity confirms my impression that this friend is unpretentious, comfortable with who she is and enjoys sharing with friends. She does that very well.

Writing this makes me wonder what my tables communicate. How about you? What do your tables say that would help someone know you better?


Tablescape Thursday

14 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. I always enjoy the tablescapes you do and the ones you share of your friends. You have good taste in friends and they are creative and artistic like you.

    1. It’s such a pleasure to sit at a friend’s table and learn a bit more about her.

  2. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing the table setting with us.

    1. My pleasure. Thanks for taking a look.

  3. I enjoy the relaxed and pretty table to enjoy a meal with friends.

  4. It is fun to see other peoples tables, this one is so inviting and looks effortless, it seems to beckon, come sit, eat enjoy! I always think of your tables as being very artistic Linda, you always combine eclectic and unique things in unexpected and delightful ways!

  5. I love trying something different each time we dine with friends. The table settings usually are very colorful and have small individual salt and pepper shakers at each setting. I practice a variety of napkin folding and/or love using napkin rings, but sometimes I tuck the napkin in each empty water glass for a change. LOVE reading your blog because I get lots of ideas from YOU!

    1. Oh Barb, you make my heart sing!

  6. Mine would say I’m a minimalist who loves simplicity.

  7. Love this table. So relaxed and inviting. My tables are usually quick and thrown together sharing the chaos of our crazy life on the farm. Holiday tables may get a little more thought but still show, I am not a creative one for sure 🙂

    1. tina, you are creative! that is a gift we all have and it expresses itself in different ways.

  8. When I decorate my table, I love to use china and have fresh flowers, also. Linen napkins, candles, music, and everyone laughing and talking! Your friends table is gorgeous! :)Jen

  9. She definitely has an artist eye! The table is simple, yet stunning!

  10. I love your friend’s table. The flowers are lovely and I like that she used different color napkins resting on the dinner plates.

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