Around the Farm

Whenever I visit my daughter’s farm in Franklin, Tennessee, it is always a unique experience. Maybe that has something to do with being here in different seasons.

The farm is a place where one is invited to sit on the porch and stay a while, but right now it’s so darned hot the porch is not very inviting.

The farm is where chickens come to the back door to say good morning though with new kittens in residence they’re frisked away rather quickly.

The farm is a barn where I went to take a look before the day got too warm.

Close by the ground was littered with these spongy looking green balls that had fallen from a tree. Anybody know what they are?

Inside the barn both the chickens and the ever watchful Anatolian shepherds were escaping the heat. The dogs are probably also catching up on their rest as they patrol the grounds throughout the night.

Leaving the barn I spied this hen who looked as though she might not be enjoying the unseasonal heat either.

The farm is fresh eggs with pale shells gathered from the barn.

I couldn’t resist immediately cooking a few and making egg salad for a tasty lunch.

The farm is looking out the window and seeing beyond the fence the pond where on a cooler day I would consider having a glass of wine in the adirondacks.

Different though farm life may be from the life she lived in Houston, it makes me happy to see that she still claims her Texas roots.

As much as there is to enjoy around the farm, one thing is missing and that is the farm girl whose room no longer bears her presence. She is off to begin life as a college girl, but if I know her she is already counting the days until she returns! Until then, the kitties and dogs and chickens will miss her.

15 thoughts on “Around the Farm

  1. The tree is called an Osage orange but in Memphis we call them bodark and the green balls we call horse apples. I use them all the time in my planters at Christmas and put holly or magnolia in with them. Hope that helps.

    Sheryl Cassibry

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  2. Oh, Linda – what a treasure this whole scene is. And, of course, the best cook in the world providing the meals! (I’d love to paint that chicken!!!)

  3. Country living and farm life is simply the best. I see your question has been answered. I have often heard them called horse apples. I guess you are on your way home to Houston. Safe travels, Linda!

    1. Traveling back to Maine tomorrow after leaving a car here for a granddaughter.

  4. I see others have replied as I am. Those are what we in the Midwest called hedge apples. I loved using them in fall arrangements for color and texture. Sprayed gold, they added a novel look to holiday arrangements.

    1. Spray painting sounds like a great idea. I’m passing that on to the daughter.

  5. The fruit of the Osage orange aka hedge apple tree or bush. We called them horse apples. While not something to eat, it is known to be used as insect control when placed around the foundation of a house or basement.

  6. The green balls are Osage oranges or hedge apples. Apparently the wood from these trees is considered the world’s finest wood for archery bows.
    I have some faux ones in an urn. The real ones spoil.
    I enjoyed your visit to your daughter’s. That must mean you are on your way home to Texas. It is still very hot in Texas. We got home today.

    1. Thanks, Bonnie, for clueing me in about the green balls. Oh, I’m not headed back to Houston. I drove from Maine to Franklin to leave a car for my granddaughter. Back to Maine tomorrow.

  7. always love an update on Lindsey…….:)

  8. Beautiful photographs. I love that the chickens don’t seem bothered by any of the other critters!

  9. Such lovely farm images, Lulu. Good luck to your daughter in her endeavors.

    1. Thanks! I guess I should have made clear the missing girl is my granddaughter.

      1. I did wonder who was going to take care of the farm in her absence, 😀

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