Endless Summer

One of my favorite places to visit this time of year is Endless Summer Flower Farm.

From now until after the first frost, 250 varieties, all labeled, of dahlias are in bloom.

With all the stunning colors, it is hard to pick a favorite.

This one definitely makes the cut since its garnet and gold hues are the colors of Florida State University, and I am a loyal Seminole!

What is amazing about dahlias is not only their hundreds of colors but their different structures.

Each waxy bloom is so perfect that dahlias seem almost artificial.

I am not the only one to appreciate these beauties. Insects find their way among the petals, but not all are welcome guests.

As I wander through each individual row, I start thinking about the similarities between dahlias and people. We, too, represent variety and unique characteristics. My, one never knows what is going to spark interesting thoughts.

15 thoughts on “Endless Summer

  1. Wow what a beautiful place!!

  2. So beautiful! Just heavenly. I would LOVE to be able to pick and arrange some dahlias.

    1. salas are almost too beautiful to be real!

  3. We love the dahlia farm! This is one stop we include on our visitor’s stop. Just amazing, and so beautiful.

    1. I’ll be taking another visitor there this week.

  4. Amazing details in those dahlias. What a great variety, too.

    1. i don’t have enough sun to grow dahlias so i have to be content getting my fix here.

  5. I love dahlias…wish I had a place to buy just a small selection of those beautiful blooms. Enjoy!

  6. It looks like you stepped right into a fairy tale!

    1. a fairy tale where I’m surrounded by beauty.

  7. Linda, what a treat to visit with all these amazing blooms. This is my first year to plant dahlias, and I have been somewhat successful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. you can order some beautiful varieties from the farm.

      1. I need to check out their website. Thanks for the info

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