Sunday Wanderings

On a beautiful Sunday nothing beats a boat outing to one of the area’s beautiful islands. Off we went to North Haven, one of the Fox Islands that is about 30 minutes from Rockport Harbor. There we will go to Turner Farm, another of the wonderful places to visit when in Maine.

An eating adventure prompted this trip. Everything served at Turner Farm is grown on site in open fields or green houses. One of the real joys of eating in Maine is so much of the food is fresh and local.

What is different about this farm is that it’s on an island with beautiful water views. That’s not something you see every day!

On the path to the barn where we would eat was an out building with relics of the past.

Something tells me those things didn’t get there by accident but were placed to satisfy the curious onlooker.

The barn is set with a table long enough to seat 40 people in the farm style that is so comfortable. Such an arrangement allows for easy conversation between diners which is a nice touch when everyone is not acquainted.

It is a pleasant surprise to take seat and find a printed menu which whets the appetite for what is to come.

It is always fun to visit with the cute young people who serve suchevents because they are part of the experience. As with so many who work at Turner Farm and other places, it is a great way to spend the summer before returning to their real lives.

By the time dinner was over, it was too dark to head back to Rockport so we spent the night docked at the farm’s pier.

Others returned to the mainland on the ferry while we stayed in place enjoying a gorgeous moonlit night.

Once again I am reminded this is the way life should be.


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11 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. How many places could you dine so well and them sleep at their dock.

  2. Wow sounds like a perfect Sunday, especially when you decided to just stay at the pier and enjoy the moonlight 🙂 — amor

  3. It all sounds practically perfect in every way…

  4. barbaramantelandtablecom September 16, 2019 — 1:03 pm

    What a beautiful place – and a lovely table! I want to visit Maine so much and this totally inspires me to make plans for someday sooner rather than later! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to live our best life! 💗

  5. What an incredible evening, so lovely and spending the night on your boat afterwards, wow!

  6. It is what I love about being born here in New England and still calling it home we are so resilient 🙂 farmers of old never would have had the time to pretty up their spaces and set a lovely table. We must keep reinventing ourselves to move forward. When are you taking off?

  7. You are definitely living the good life! What a beautiful event and the menu sounds fabulous.

  8. Yummy and envious of that great food in a wonderful place. I love your pictures….especially the night ones of the moon and the barn.

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