Everyday Tables

As long as flowers are blooming in the yard, the house will be filled with them. Many will become centerpieces arranged in bottles and small vases on the dining table. I like using multiple containers because they fill space in the middle of our square table and minimal flower arranging skills are required!

Yellow bottles and accents in the French cloth inspired the choice of yellow tableware by Tagg. I think these dishes were the first I got when we bought our Maine house 17 years ago.

With the dishes I used napkins that matched the cloth and gathered them in cigalles that are actually tablecloth clips. They remind me of a trip to Provence where I bought cigalle images galore. Funny what can catch your eye in a particular area.

As for glassware , it was a no brainer to select this version from my thumbprint pattern collection as its cranberry tone pairs well with both the linens and the 1940’s pieces that are going to be used for salad.

No, the arrangement of flatware would not likely get approval from Downton Abbey’s Carson or Emily Post, I like doing my own thing when it comes to setting a table.

Isn’t putting your own touches on table setting what makes it fun both for you and the people who join at the table? That is a wonderful opportunity to let your creative talent shine!


Tablescape Thursday

6 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. So elegant. Makes the meal an actual event to be remembered. Just hope the food is as good as the table setting !

  2. Love the rustic yellow and cranberry palette, perfect for your Maine home! Your tables are always so unique and stylish! Have a lovely Labor Day,

  3. Your “creative talents” are the greatest, Linda. I’m so happy you share them. I’m always learning something new.

  4. Fun napkin rings. I like the combination you came up with for your table…

  5. I certainly think you don’t have to play by any rules when it comes to your table. I like how you mix it up and you have your own unique and fabulous style!

  6. Your table is just beautiful. Love the napkin rings. I enjoy using things for something other than what was intended. Makes a table much more personal.

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