Just Lookin’

Several times a year we take a group of photographers to one place or another on our boat. Often I join them in looking for interesting photographic opportunity, but on this day I was feeling a little lazy and stayed on board while others went exploring. It proved to be a wonderful opportunity to capture what was going on around me.

Talk about determination, this kid had it. I can tell you from experience that rowing a boat is not always easy, so my hat was off to him. After a few awkward starts he had things under control.

As he passed by, I noticed a bag that looked like it was filled with food. The youngster was taking no chances of losing it and had it securely tied in place on the bow.

Poor fella was having trouble starting the motor on his dinghy. After several moments of fruitless tries, he shrugged his shoulders and gave up. I couldn’t hear what he was muttering under his breath, but I’m guessing there were some words of frustration.

I loved watching the efforts of a dog trying to get into the skiff. I don’t know whether his master intended to have him along, but no way was the dog going to be left behind!

It is always amazing to me how many people wander down to a dock just to relax and enjoy the sights. This guy found his surroundings a good place to strum his guitar, and he appeared to be oblivious to the folks who were becoming his audience.

Close by a gal was having what appeared to be a pretty serious phone conversation. Lucky for her the guitar sounds lessened opportunity for anyone to overhear!

Yes, without leaving the boat it was amazing all that could be observed. I especially appreciated seeing how boaters receive helping hands at the dock. Since I am the one who usually has to get off our boat and tie the lines, I always welcome friendly assistance.

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6 thoughts on “Just Lookin’

  1. I just LOVE that first photo, Linda. A painting it should become and hang on your wall somewhere.

  2. You really reaped some good photos while staying on the boat!

    1. It was fun just watching what was going on.

  3. I always enjoy your keen observations and beautiful photos!

  4. Beautiful photos Linda! A glimpse into everyday life…

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