Sunday Wanderings

From now until midSeptember, it’s fair time in Maine. On any given day in many a small town you can find a fair with everything from a midway to demolition derbies to harness racing.

Close by a fair is in full swing in Union.

It’s billed as an agricultural fair so there’re many animals waiting to be judged and sold.

This young lady was readying her sheep for auction. Asked why it was necessary to shave it, she replied it was for meat so it was important to have the body fully visible. She raises sheep from birth to about six months old for sale. The money generated will send her to college. That’s reason enough not to be sad that her sheep will be slaughtered.

From Pete the beekeeper, I learned all about beekeeping which was fascinating. There’s a lot more to making honey than you might suspect.

As you might guess, it’s possible to eat your way through a country fair, and with it being blueberry season there’s a good sampling of things made with blueberries.

Totchos sounded pretty tasty, but I decided to hold out for fried clams which I had spotted earlier.

My niece opted for a lobster roll which happened to be a very good buy at the fair.

Fairs bring out the kid in you. Not every ride is something I’ll still do, but bumper cars make the cut.

I begged off the slide and left it to the younger generation.

The ferris wheel still held magic. At the top vistas far beyond the fairgrounds opened up.

All in all the fair was great fun, and like so many things in Maine, it was a simple pleasure.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. We just had our County Fair here and always such a great time

  2. My husband and I went to Lovell, Maine this time last year, and I was so happy there…..festivals and food and a million places to explore. I miss it. Thank you for this reminder!

  3. Such fun, the food has my stomach growling! I am so impressed with those girls raising sheep for college money!

    1. The same things happen at the rodeo in Houston on a much bigger scale.

  4. nutsfortreasure August 19, 2019 — 6:45 am

    Looking forward to Fryburg 🙂

      1. OH yes I am always in Maine my coast is only 18 miles long lol

  5. The bumper cars look like so much fun. I haven’t done that in years.

  6. I still love bumper cars, but I will pass on the ferris wheel. Great photos and fun!

    1. I was disappointed the Ferris wheel ride wasn’t longer!

  7. Love the view from the ferris wheel! We’re are getting ready for our County Fair here in Kentucky.

      1. Oh, yes! Our County Homemakers Association works the “Women’s Building” where baked and canned foods, crafts, needlework and flowers/plants are entered and displayed for the week, so I’ve volunteered to work for 3 days. As a Master Gardener, I taught a short class at the meeting tonight about entering cut flowers and plants in the floral division. I’ll walk around the fair one day, but no rides for me. 🙂

  8. Got to love fairs. We call them Exhibitions here in Canada. As fun as they are, they are always a signal of summer coming to an end. Cheers

    1. Right you are about summer coming to an end. Sad……

  9. Thanks for the reminder! And the bumper cars? I’m impressed.

    1. The fair is quite a sighting!

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