Holbrook Island

Exploring an island is one of my favorite things to do in Maine because you never know what it is you are going to see or how you are going to interpret it. On this outing, Holbrook Island was full of fun surprises.

Often I am alone on an island, but that was not the case today. My first sighting was a dad entertaining his son, not always with great success. It may have been past nap time for this tyke, and my guess was dad was waiting for people I saw a little further along to return.

Walking the trail toward the other side of Holbrook I noticed a guy standing in a spot seeming to do nothing more than enjoy the moment. The surrounding contrast made this an irresistible shot. By fiddling with my settings, I learned that focusing on the light area and reducing the exposure allowed me to get the full effect of the contrast. The fella was a good sport to stand there while I experimented.

Now near the beach, I saw this woman on a rock looking very much like she was going to jump. Do you think she was just figuring out how to get off the rock!

Not all my sightings were human. A rock became a pig looking for a way to escape being fenced in.

A log resembled a decaying alligator. Hollow sockets replaced eyes, and there was only a suggestion remaining of the gator’s long snout.

Hanging from a limb was a papery nest of stinging insects. What I saw in it was a mummy’s smiling face.

And here, do you see the wild hair and beard of an African witch doctor?

OK, so my imagination ran a little wild, but it was great fun to see images rather than to just think of things as rocks or logs or seaweed!

5 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. Linda, I see what you saw! Great photos~

  2. What fun!! A person from the east coast might not have seen the alligator like you did!! (Texas/Florida girl)

  3. You did a very great job with the “good sport guy!”

  4. Your creative imagination envelopes so many areas of interest. I love it!

  5. What a wonderful interpretation! I could clearly see what you saw. 🙂

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