Everyday Tables

It is such a pleasure to be invited to someone’s home for dinner. It is even more of a treat when the table is beautifully set as it was this night.

The first thing I noticed was the collection of cruets filled with flowers for a colorful and casual yet elegant centerpiece. It so appeals to me when something is used for other than its real purpose.

All of the flowers were cut from a blooming garden visible through the windows. I don’t know whether I’ll ever get over my fascination for all the blooming things that dot the Maine landscape with color and texture in summer.

The dishes and the flowers combined beautifully, and I couldn’t help but think how like our hostess the whole setting with its calm presence was. She commented that her daughter was “loaning” the dishes as she also thought they were so much like her mother.

And, I couldn’t help but think of so many of you as I examined the collection of blue and white pieces in the corner cabinet. I have little of this color combination so it is always interesting to me to note what catches someone’s eye and how it is then displayed.

I hope you table settings bring special joy to your family and friends.


Tablescape Thursday

6 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Such a beautiful table for that beautiful room! I would love a corner cabinet like that to display pretties! The flowers are wonderful!

  2. Linda, this is so lovely! A blooming table always catches my eye!

    1. I’m sure as yours are always filled with blooming beauty.

  3. Loved this one ……..:)

  4. Just beautiful!

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