Celebrating Lighthouses

Matinicus Rock

It seems there is a national day for everything, and August 7 is no exception. Today is National Lighthouse Day.

Southern Island

There is no better place to talk about lighthouses than in Maine where 71 dot the rocky coast. While today most are not operational, they at one time kept many a vessel from crashing into rocks that are just below the water’s surface at high tide.

Portland Head Light

The oldest and one of the best known lighthouses is the Portland Head Light on Cape Elizabeth. It was built in 1791 during George Washington’s first term as president. No telling how many times it has been photographed, but my favorite image is then taken by the hubby early one morning.

Owl’s Head Light

Lighthouses were managed by a Lighthouse Board before they came under the control of the U.S. Coast Guard in 1939. Since the 1980’s, most lighthouses on the Maine coast have been deactivated because of the associated operational costs. Until recently, the Owl’s Head Light was staffed by Coast Guard personnel stationed in Rockland. Though it is dark, that doesn’t keep thousands of visitors away.

Marshall Point Light

A favorite lighthouse of mine is Marshall Point at the entrance of Port Clyde Harbor. It was established in 1832.

The keeper’s house is now a museum telling of the lighthouse and local marine history.

Curtis Island Light

Some lighthouses, such as the one on Curtis Island at the mouth of Camden Harbor, have become private residences.

The same is true of Indian Island. That is the lighthouse that welcomes us home whenever we return from a day on the water. I wish it were mine!

13 thoughts on “Celebrating Lighthouses

  1. Lighthouses have a wonderful element to them.
    It sparks nostalgia in me.
    Beautiful photos by the way.

    1. I agree that lighthouses are a bit nostalgic.

  2. I liked Cape Lookout in NC. We got to see the wild horses that live on the island.

  3. So many wonderful lighthouses. Fabulous!

    1. And I have thousands of pictures of lighthouses all along the coast.

  4. Happy Lighthouse Day Linda!….I think I have visited many of these lighthouse that you featured today…I remember going through the museum at Marshall Point…an ornament of it hangs on my tree every year. I so love the beauty and history of each lighthouse!

  5. Thanks for all this info!

  6. Oh yes, Maine does have some wonderful lighthouses and some right near you too.

  7. I could easily live in the Curtis or Indian Island homes!!

    1. I dream about being the lighthouse keeper on Indian Island!

  8. You are smack dab in LightHouse Heaven! That early morning shot with the dark clouds is outstanding! Bravo!

    Beautiful post and thank you for sharing!

  9. Beautiful images of Maine lighthouses…I love their mystery!

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