Sunday Wanderings

On a beautiful summer Sunday, nothing beats being on the water. A favorite destination is Tenant’s Harbor where we like to go to Luke’s for lunch.

As we journey down the coast, there is much to see. Always, there are islands which separate Penobscot Bay from the Atlantic. Those islands are one of the reasons the midcoast of Maine is so perfect for boating.

Along the way are four lighthouses. The first is Indian Island at the mouth of Rockport Harbor.

The next is Owl’s Head Light, one of few still operating lighthouses and a very popular destination for visitors.

Then there is Whitehead Light sitting solitarily above the rocks.

Finally, there is the light on Southern Island, once a home of Andrew Wyeth and now of his son Jamie.

Always we share the bay with lobster boats. Lobstermen may be hauling traps checking to see ifany lobsters have found their way into what is called the kitchen.

Others are baiting traps for the next arrivals. That always draws a crowd of gulls.

Arriving at Tenant’s Harbor, lobstermen are unloading the day’s catch. You can be sure some of those lobsters will go right into Luke’s tank.

At Luke’s we find a few changes. No longer do we order at the outside window.

Inside is gussied up with flowers on newly painted tables.

There’s even a specials board, but I don’t need to look at that because my order is always the same: fried clams.

On this perfect Sunday, we eat outside where cool breezes provide natural air conditioning and there’s plenty of activity to keep us entertained. Yep, days like this in Maine are the way life is supposed to be!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Wanderings

  1. I would love trying several menu items… but the whole ambiance of Maine attracts me too.

    Love your Maine Life… Lulu!

  2. Oh that menu! I will have a lobster BLT please!

    1. I’d be happy to fix you one!

  3. Loved the pictures, especially the light houses.

  4. It looks like you had a lovely Sunday!

  5. So much to see and enjoy. Beautiful and yummy!

  6. A nice day for wandering!

  7. Linda, what a wonderful life you have in Maine! I would love to try several things on that menu!

  8. What are Bixby Bar Needhams?

      1. Too bad, sounds interesting!

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