Everyday Tables

From the time they are tight little buds, I thrill to having an abundance of peonies in the yard.

When they begin to open I go out each day to cut a few and fill the house with their beauty.

You can be sure that some of the blooms are on the table and are an easy centerpiece. Here several colors and different varieties are combined with other garden offerings.

Playing off the table runner a sampling of blue and white dishes collected at Goodwill are chosen for tonight’s dinner.

The flatware and napkin rings were a surprise find. They were purchased late last summer on sale at Pottery Barn and forgotten until now. I must remember not to stash things where they’re not readily seen!

I can’t remember what inspired me to buy these lovely glasses at the Union Antique Show some years ago. No matter, they are a perfect finishing touch for a simple table.

As with so many of my tables, minimal effort is required to create a table setting when a runner and flowers are already there. It’s a good reason to always have something in place!


Tablescape Thursday

5 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Fun table. I love peonies from the buds to the petals falling off.

  2. Love the red, white and blue! The cobalt glasses are beautiful!

  3. Linda the peonies are gorgeous! Love your table with the red and blue…so classic!

  4. I love the red and blue, so perfect for your Maine home! Peonies in your garden must be incredible to have, such beautiful blooms!

  5. Your peonies are beautiful! I am jealous you have so many you can cut and arrange to your heart’s content. I love your table setting. You were smart to buy those glasses. They are the perfect color.
    Beautiful photos too!

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