Prepping for Guests

In the years we’ve had a house in Maine, there have been many guests meaning I’ve learned a lot about making spaces comfortable.

Some time ago we built a little house on the property, and many of our guests delight in staying there. It has a wonderful view of Rockport Harbor as well as affords a bit of extra privacy. At those times when we have a house full, guests draw to see who gets to bunk in Seaglass Cottage.

The cottage has a comfortable bed, a must in any guest room. You don’t want company to not sleep well or to wake up with a stiff neck and aching back. There is a lamp close to the bed that can be reached easily in the dark should one have to get up in the night.

For those who come with more clothes than they need there is ample closet space with plenty of hangers and a rack for luggage.

Drawers aren’t a guest room must, but they are appreciated by visitors who like to unpack everything and settle in.

In the bath, plenty of fluffy towels and a hair dryer are extra touches that make guests feel welcome.

The shower is stocked with shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. In addition to toiletries, there’s plenty of extra toilet paper!

Many of our guests are journeying to Maine for the first time so there are books and magazines to introduce them to the area.

For that first early morning cup, coffee and tea are available so a guest doesn’t have to think about getting dressed before warming to the day.

What we have found is that folks so enjoy Seaglass Cottage that we may not see anyone until close to midday. They watch the activity on the harbor or relax with a good book. That tells us we’ve done OK making them feel at home in a comfortable space.

14 thoughts on “Prepping for Guests

  1. So nice! Now I’m ready to curl up and take a nap 😊💕

  2. Sounds like you’ve thought of everything. Lovely!

  3. Oh how I love Seaglass Cottage. With all that you provide… do your guests ever leave?

    May I book this lovely cottage?

  4. My sister has a “casita” at her Palm Desert home, it is attached to the house but the entrance is through a courtyard adjacent to the main entrance to her house. It is such a treat to stay there and have a very own private space, I know your guests must love Seaglass Cottage! And gives you a little privacy and space too! So pretty!

  5. What an inviting guest space. Love the quilt, the books, the toiletries, the fluffy towels and especially the red shoe!

  6. Absolutely lovely! I would never want to leave!

  7. Yes, Seaglass Cottage is delightful!! I will always cherish the memories of my visit there! Many, many thanks!!! Hugs!

  8. Great post… good advice… thank you for sharing..

  9. You really
    Are hospitable – and recently we realized how important the hair dryer is to have for guests!

  10. lovely and very welcoming…….:)

  11. Your accommodation looks really attractive and comfortable. Your guests must so look forward to visiting. 🙂

  12. Linda, Seaglass Cottage is beautiful and every amenity has been thought of by you. I am surprised your guests would ever leave. How wonderful that guests can enjoy their own cottage…sigh!

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