Good Eats

Yes, Maine does have some very warm and humid summer days. Without air conditioning it is hard to spend much time in the kitchen so whatever is served for dinner has to be quick and easy.

On those too warm days, nothing beats a bowl of cold soup at least when no members of my family except the hubby is here. Except for him, none of the rest would be happy. His favorite is gazpacho which is one of the easier soups to make.

Though the ingredients change from time to time, I always start with Clamato which adds a subtle hint of clam flavor and just enough spiciness. In this batch were celery, onion, tomatoes, zucchini, red pepper and garlic. You can use as much or as little as you wish. Add a touch of salt and maybe a dash of red wine vinegar and you are off and running.

Gazpacho can be smooth or chunky. What I like to do is put all but a few of the veggies with the liquid in a blender and run it until the concoction is smooth. Refrigerate and at serving time sprinkle a few of the remaining ingredients, finely chopped, on top with a dollop of sour cream or plain yogurt .

What is great about gazpacho is you can make it in minutes to suit your own taste. Recently, I added some fresh corn to the blended ingredients. Chunky avocado is always a nice touch as are croutons. Making gazpacho is a great way to let your imagination soar on warm summer days so give it a try.

8 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. Recipes like this deserve a place in anyone’s cookbook. I just put this in mine.

  2. This sounds like a refreshing addition to our lunch or dinner recipes! Thank you!

  3. Great idea. I must see whether my hubby would be satisfied with a bowl for dinner. 😃

    1. Mine is very happy with a bowl of gazpacho and either a salad or a yummy sandwich.

  4. Chilled soups are the best ever on a hot summer’s day!

  5. Linda, your gazpacho sounds so fresh for the hot humid days of summer. I haven’t made in several years, but I now think I should!

    1. In this house gazpacho is a favorite be it with veggies or made with watermelon.

  6. I’ve never made gazpacho or any cold soup. I think I’d enjoy gazpacho. Thanks for the suggestions…

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