Everyday Tables

Who knows the history of this piece of cloth? Judging from its frayed edges it was once part of a larger piece the use of which I can only guess. I was attracted to its beauty a number of years ago at an antique show and couldn’t resist bringing the fabric home. What a good decision as it now serves as a favorite table runner.

When it is on the table I never know what will happen next as the colors and pattern lend themselves to many options. This day I had cut peonies from the garden and put them in old beer bottles, another antique purchase at a different time. Arranged with wooden female figures, they mixed well with the fabric.

Later in the week we were having guests for dinner, and with the arrangement on the table suggesting a traditional look here’s what happened. Old Britain Castles by Johnson Brothers are the plates of choice.

From there it was easy to complete the look with subtle patterned napkins and thumbprint glasses trimmed in red. The napkin fold couldn’t be simpler as it is the four layers of the square turned back on one another.

As I was setting the table, I began thinking about the menu. Deciding that a cold soup would be a nice way to start the dinner, simple white bowls were added to the setting. Though I’m trying not to increase an already generous collection of dishes, I couldn’t resist the bowls at TJ Maxx the other day as they are a perfect size for everything from soup to ice cream.

Looking at the finished table, it dawned on me how many times most of these pieces have been used on a table in different combinations. It is amazing how the same things can be used to create a variety of looks, one of the reasons I so enjoy setting tables.


Tablescape Thursday

10 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Those bowls are a great size! I’m a sucker for Johnson Brothers dishes. Lovely table!

  2. What does that cloth have to say… ? Was it on a table of royalty? In a drawer hiding? And now you have shared it’s beauty with us. And you styled it so lovingly!

    1. Don’t we wish we knew its secrets?

  3. I always love seeing your unique and beautiful things Linda, and you have such an artistic style and flair for combining them! This is understated yet casually elegant! Tablescaping is definitely an art form!

  4. The red trimmed glasses pair so amazingly with the plates. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these stories.

  5. Linda, I do love the fabric and its rich colors. The transferware was the perfect choice for your table as well as the napkins. Beautiful!

  6. Your table exemplifies the beauty and richness of history in each and every piece. I can definitely see why you were so attracted to your fabric runner. It contrasts so nicely against your transferware dishes. It has that Old World feel. So lovely.

  7. I’ve seen this technique before, but I’m not sure what it is called. The colors are still so lovely! What a treasure.

  8. You set tables very well. Very creative.

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