City of Walls

Approaching Avila required a stop to take it in from above. Looking down at the walled city, it was impossible not to be awestruck as it looked like the stuff of fairy tales.

Up close, the surrounding wall appeared in perfect condition, amazing since construction occurred from the 11th to the 14th century. As I looked at the colors in the stone, they inspired thoughts of a color scheme that could well work in my house. Funny how the mind works!

It seems that no matter where you go in Europe, there is a cathedral to visit and Avila is no exception. There are many there with the most important being the Cathedral of Avila.

Done in the 12th century, it is primarily Gothic with touches of renaissance influence. The style is quite a contrast to the moorish influences in the south of Spain.

While the grandeur of some cathedrals can be overwhelming, such is not the case here. There is plenty to see but not so much that one thing takes away from another. I was struck by the intricacy of detail as in the depiction of scenes from the gospels.

Each one left no question about the story being told.

No matter the figure, the dimension is incredible making it seem so alive.

A fascinating tidbit I learned here concerned the placement of the choir. As in the Seville cathedral, it is in the middle the reason being that the choir loft separated the poor from the wealthy. That concept wouldn’t go over too well today.

OK, enough about this cathedral though there is so much more. I mean, look at these pieces, the significance of which I have no idea. My thought is they would make a beautiful wall sculpture.

4 thoughts on “City of Walls

  1. Incredible! The detail and the work that went into these structures is hard to wrap one’s mind around…

  2. Walled cities are fascinating and so are cathedrals. I never tire of either. Thank you Linda for your gorgeous photography and beautifully written posts!

  3. Laura Moorehead June 26, 2019 — 8:17 pm

    Beautiful! What a trip you are having.!!!

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