Maine Love

With so many reasons to love Maine, it’s hard to know where to begin. Since most people seem to think lobster and Maine go together let’s begin there.

No matter whether it’s steamed, grilled or used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes, lobster is a special treat of which I never tire.

I’m lucky to know a lobster guy who works out of Rockport Harbor. He keeps me supplied with lobster as I need them. Believe me, you can’t beat having lobster fresh out of the water.

Speaking of lobster, one of my favorite things is to boat to a beautiful cove or harbor for a tasty lobster roll picnic aboard.

Happiness for me in Maine is being on the water. I love the rugged coastline and the sound of the sea crashing against the rocks.

There are hundreds of islands off the Maine coast, and I never tire of going ashore to do a little exploring. Sometimes I find raspberries or blueberries there or stumble onto what I call mussel heaven where I collect as many as my pockets will hold. Knowing that I harvested them myself makes steamed mussels taste extra good!

I love spending the night on the boat and sitting on the deck beneath a full moon thanking my lucky stars to be in such a place.

How can I not mention Maine’s little wild blueberries that burst with flavor? They won’t be ready to pick until August, but in the meantime the freezer is full so there will be no shortage of muffins, pancakes or cobblers.

It is said that in Maine life is the way life it is supposed to be, and I couldn’t agree more. Sitting on the porch and looking out over the harbor is confirmation.

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20 thoughts on “Maine Love

  1. I grew up in Maine, and dream of one day moving back! Just waiting for the opportunity.

  2. Lobster rolls are essential to a trip to Maine!

  3. I too am a water girl living on the Island surrounded by the Niagara River. Even in winter, I can spend hours sitting and watching the water.

  4. We’re so happy that you are back, Linda. Can’t wait to see you again.

  5. Maine life looks perfect. I can taste the blueberry pancakes now!

    1. I just bought Maine maple syrup so we are ready.

  6. Heaven on earth!

    …and so is that lobster roll!

    1. Believe me when I tell you Maine is pretty special!

      1. This I know! When we visited we picked blueberries with deer on Cadillac Mountain, then that evening lobster! Oh and let’s not forget the quaint place we stayed at! Perfection!

  7. “Lobster Guy” is a good friend to have…

  8. Sounds wonderful.

    1. Maine is wonderful in so many ways.

  9. As Jeff and I traveled on our boat from Connecticut, I realized that we are so fortunate to have Penobscot Bay for our home waters. I’m a little afraid that I will find everywhere else disappointing! We look forward to stopping in Rockport sometime soon!

    1. We have a mooring waiting for you!

  10. Sounds like heaven! Please eat some lobster for me!

  11. Your blog could also become a beautiful book, Linda. Just the Maine photos and commentary – “An Ode to Maine”!😊😊

    1. Believe me, I have enough pictures to make a book. Maine is so full of beauty.

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