Everyday Tables

Getting things in order had to happen quick as the hubby and I were to host the first gathering of our Maine gourmet group just a few days after arriving.

As soon as dust was off the table, I gathered some blooming twigs from the crabapple tree and placed them and some remaining tulips in bottles, my favorite containers. These are ones I spray painted to give them a different look. Placed on an antique cloth, the bottles of blooms mixed with a couple of birds to become a simple centerpiece.

Borders of yellow with black threads running through dictated the look for the table. Black dishes and yellow napkins were a no brainer.

Perhaps because I have so many little glasses, it has become the norm to use them as shooters for a taste of cold or hot soup before the entree. I don’t have enough of any one pattern for everyone so there’s a bit of mix and match.

I can’t resist a little touch of whimsy on most tables, so each gal got a very girly wine glass.

As with most of my tables, the look is simple meant to be comfortable and inviting. It’s not likely one would be satisfactory for any of the meals served this week in London!

For the dinner I had planned a southwestern meal, but when time came to distribute recipes I discovered they had been left behind. The entree was to have been fish cooked in corn husks and since I did get here with the corn husks, I decided to plow ahead with the idea. Fresh cod is marinating in olive oil, lime juice, paprika and curry and will be baked in the husks. Hopefully, all will turn out.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

8 thoughts on “Everyday Tables

  1. Beautiful table as always and how fun with the wine glasses!

  2. Good for you for jumping right in and hosting a get together. Everything looks inviting!

  3. You didn’t waste any time getting back in the social mode! Looks like a fun summer dinner!

  4. The best plans can sometimes go astray…I’m sure your fish was delicious and your friends were happy to have you back in Maine.

    1. With friends nothing else matters!

  5. Love those yellow vases!

  6. Bonnie Morgan June 6, 2019 — 2:48 pm

    I’m sure your friends are glad you are back in Maine. Your table is creative and I know the meal was delicious.

  7. I always love your creative tables and the wine glasses are so cute and whimsical. Dinner sounds amazing!

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