98 to 49

The hubby says when the temperature is three days above 90 in Houston, it’s time to go to Rockport, Maine, where we are lucky to spend several months. That happened very quickly after Memorial Day, and on a day the thermometer reached 98 in Houston we arrived in Rockport to a very chilly 49.

Whereas spring has come and gone in Houston, it’s barely begun in Maine. Trees are in early stages of leafing out, azaleas are in full bloom and yellow pine pollen covers every surface including the water. Neither the hubby nor the dog are happy about the pollen as both have allergic reactions.

What we’d like to do upon arriving is sit on the porch and thank our lucky stars for the privilege of being in this place we love. That didn’t happen this year as everything in the house was under a thin layer of sheetrock dust thanks to repairs and painting taken care of after a leak. I couldn’t even think about sitting or settling in until some order was restored.

The next couple of days were killers for the hubby and me. Once we got started cleaning, there was no stopping until everything was done. Along the way, we found this and that that needed repairing which added to the task at hand. Funny how things quit working when they are not used all the time.

Now all is done, but it’s a little cool to sit on the porch so we’ve opted for mornings before a fire. That’s not a bad option.

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8 thoughts on “98 to 49

  1. Linda, after all the cleaning you are now prepared for porch sitting and welcoming summer. A morning fire sounds wonderful.

    1. I wish it would get warm e ought to sit on the porch!

  2. While the temps between my two houses don’t vary too much, in the summer the beach is cooler, with a lovely breeze. I know what you mean about things needing repair, this spring I had to have the AC fixed and had a huge plumbing problem. But it’s all good now and hoping for a repair free summer! You will enjoy welcoming the summer weather to Maine now that you’ve cleaned and fixed! A morning fire sounds lovely!

  3. It’s such a delight to get away to a place that you live… even if it means working on it to get it back in order.

    We have done the same. We arrived in Pennsylvania at our LakeHouse to getaway from the Arizona heat. Now we are beginning to enjoy it’s loveliness!
    It’s been cooler then usual here as well!

  4. You get to experience Spring twice!

  5. I can so relate to this post Linda. I used to say that when the steering was too hot to hold on to that it was time to leave Florida and head to New England. Sorry about all the problems but I know that you will be rewarded with all your hard work. Enjoy all the spring flowers, that is one thing I really miss now that we are back in Florida.

  6. I’ve been here for 2 weeks and I still can’t get rid of the chill! Heading to Seattle and NY for the rest of the month! Maybe it will be warmer there! Lol Be back for the 4th!!! Stay warm by the fire!

  7. Lovely, Linda. It is so nice to be able to get away from the heat and humidity! Maine is a state I have never visited, and want to.

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